Rookie Moves at DealDash

Everyone wants to go to DealDash and be a pro at winning from moment  one.  But the truth is, no one knows what they are doing when they get there.  The learning curve each “Newbie” goes through sends a seasoned player to the moon and back with confusion, and sometimes anger! 

The first and worst mistake a Newbie can make is “Stomping”.  Stomping is coming in day one and pouncing bids down after every player’s bid.  The worst offense to the stomper is to themselves because they are using twice or three times the bids they need to to win.  Every seasoned player uses the Bid Buddy, this is an essential tool at DealDash and is the foundation of bidding.  If you don’t use your Bid Buddy, you are not using a strategy.  It’s that simple.  

What do I mean by this? Well, if you are pouncing in bids, and the other guy is using a Bid Buddy, his bids are measured and the stompers are not.  They just randomly place bids, when using the Bid Buddy there is a measured amount of bids place and in turn of whoever is in the auction also using Bid Buddy.  

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The Next mistake I see Newbies doing is in the personal comment.  Don’t give away too much information in your comment.  If you tell everyone you are on Social Security and have 8 children, we know you don’t have very much money and will come in late to an auction and jump the tar out of your bids!  Don’t brag about having a low paying job no matter how important it is!  Likewise don’t tell us what you will do when bidding, for example, don’t say “In it to BIN it” we see you coming and going, you have no intention of Binning, don’t lie about that, you will be figured out right away.  Any comment you can say that would give any insight to your bidding style or the amount of money or bids you have will always haunt you.  

One bid mistake Newbies make is buying a small bid pack and then being involved with an auction that is winding down.  You are running out of bids and now have to go back to the buy bids page or use the buy bids icon at the bottom of the page, either way, if you wait too long to make this transaction, you could lose while you are at the checkout.  Buy enough bids to win up front!  this is also the sister of not enough bids, don’t get caught short handed with bids, it’s a rookie move to be close to the end and run out and lose while you are at the check out. 

Probably the worst offense to Newbies is OVERBIDDING! You are loaded up with bids, you are determined to win the auction.  But you don’t know the other guy, maybe he’s one of those people who overbids for fun, suddenly you have placed twice the amount of bids required to win the auction, maybe you won or will win, but it never feels good to end an auction is the red.  

When you are new and bidding at DealDash, do your home work.  1. don’t Stomp! It’s a waste of bids.  2. Keep your comment simple, don’t give away your strategy.  3. Buy enough bids to win 4. Don’t use more bids than you should have to win, better to BIN and get your bids back.  

If you take a little of this to heart when you plan on bidding I think you should be able to win a few great auctions out of the gate. 

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.