How Do You Bid on DealDash?

Photo by David Goehring License: Creative Commons – attribution

Are you wondering what DealDash is all about and how you can try to win all of those cool items you see on the homepage?
Here are the steps you need to take in order to bid and try to win!
1. Register and buy bids. Go to and sign up.
Sign up and spend time reading over and observing the site. You are not obligated to purchase a bid pack after you sign up, only if you want to. Bids cost $0.60 and are sometimes on sale for less.
2. The DealDash bidding process.
Unlike eBay or a traditional auction held online, DealDash auctions are entertainment shopping Рmeaning you purchase bids to try to win items for way less than retail value. Just be sure to budget time for yourself if you do plan on bidding. Sometimes it takes a lot of time!  Once the auction timer reaches the stated end time, more bidders will enter and get in bidding wars with others. Everyone wants to win, but only one will. Each time a bidder places a bid over someone else, regardless of the time that is remaining, the auction clock will reset to 10 seconds. And you will bid again, and someone may bid over you again, and on the auction goes.
3. You win!
When you win an auction – all you have to do is go into your dashboard and under wins checkout. Pay the item’s listed end price and it will be shipped to you free of charge.
4. Tips and tools to help you bid!
1- Bid early:
Jumper auctions mean you cannot place a bid on an auction if you haven’t already placed 1 bid before the price reaches $5.00 – all auctions are like this. This feature protects bidders from even more competition coming in later.
2. Use buy it now!
Buy it now will let you buy an item for the listed price. Once you do this you will get the item and your bids placed back into your account to try again next time!
4. Bid Buddy
Bid Buddy is a great feature to use on DealDash because it will bid for you near the end of the auction. You won’t have to worry about missing the bid button! Downsides: it could bid more than you would like it to if you bid early on and there are many others still bidding.
What are you favorite DealDash tips?