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Planning your end of summer vacation, or already looking forward to a trip this winter?
If you haven’t flown in awhile you may be surprised to know that most airlines now charge fees for baggage.

  • Delta first checked bag fee is $25
  • Frontier charges travelers $25 for a carry on bag
  • Spirit charges $25-50 for a carry on bag if you pay for it ahead of time, $100 at the gate
  • Southwest is free
  • United’s first checked bag is $25
  • US Airways $25
  • Virgin America $25
  • American Airlines is also $25

So- unless you are traveling Southwest you’re going to have to pay to check a bag. Save money by only bringing on a TSA approved carry-on bag and stowing it in the above bin compartment.
samsonite cruisair suitcase dealsThe Samsonite Cruisair Bold Spinner suitcase has a retail price of $229.99, but you could get it for even less on DealDash if you win it when it goes to auction. This durable carry-on suitcase is a perfect way to save money on baggage fees and keep your belongings with you when you fly.
Ultra protective security frame features an integrated TSA combination lock providing peace of mind when checking cases through security. Designed to fit in most overhead compartments. 
AmericanAirlines Gift CardGive the Gift of Flight with American Airlines Gift Cards offered in denominations of $50, $100 and $250.
Consider the gift of travel the next time you need a birthday, wedding or graduation gift for someone special. Up to eight gift cards may be redeemed per reservation toward the purchase of tickets to hundreds of exciting destinations throughout the world. And, with no expiration date or fees, American Airlines gift cards are perfect for any pillow
Traveling can take a lot out of you, be sure you’re rested so you can enjoy your destination with the help of this Bobby Travel Pillow. Boppy Travel Pillow, Olivia Dot
for $54 retail, or less if you win it on DealDash with bids!
rosettastone france
The RosettaStone language learning program is the world’s leading language learning software. If you are planning a trip to see the sights in Paris, or a holiday in the French Riviera check out this RosettaStone French program with levels 1-5. RosettaStone teaches you language in an immersive form, similar to how children learn language.

“It is possible to master a new language — and you can do it with the ease and skill of a native speaker. Whether you’re traveling, moving to a new country, or speaking with business partners, Rosetta Stone language software takes the challenge out of learning French and empowers you to communicate with confidence about everything from basic questions to advanced topics like pollution, literature, law and government. Now one of the most trusted names in language is better than ever, with speech-recognition technology, mobile support and an online community to give you the motivation and the guidance you need as you learn and grow with the Rosetta Stone Version 4: French Level 1-5 Set. Rosetta Stone uses an award-winning Dynamic Immersion approach of guiding you to fluid communication by using native speakers, intuition and natural learning skills to completely immerse you in the French language — without using translation as a crutch. Learn French like you learned your original language, by speaking with and listening to others, instead of memorizing flashcards. Create a solid foundation, practicing using speech-recognition technology with native-speaking tutors, as well as audio and mobile support on the go, then build on your knowledge with vocabulary and cultural information about holidays, hobbies, moods, feelings and beyond. Whether you’re at work or even living in a new country, you’ll be able to navigate the language and the culture like a native with the intuitive Rosetta Stone software working to enhance and expand your natural language-learning abilities.”

RosettaStone TotalE French sells for about $250 but can be won for less if you win an auction for it on DealDash. DealDash also offers auctions for RosettaStone in  Italian, Spanish, and Portugese.

 BBa#12 Shubat
Chances are if you are leaving the US your devices will not have adapters compatible with the voltage of the country you are traveling to. Bid on this Targus Travel Power Adapter on DealDash and be prepared for anywhere you go!
Targus – Travel Power Adapters Power your electronic devices when you’re traveling with these travel power adapters that are compatible with the power voltage of various countries around the world. Product Features Compatible with countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, the Middle East and North America Red safety shutters provide protection against accidental contact with electric current High-impact polycarbonate plastic for durability Compact and flexible design can be broken apart for easy portability 3 interchangeable power adapters and a storage tube included.
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