DealDash Bidding Tips: Bid With Resolve

DealDash Tips: When you see an auction that you like and it comes time to try and win it, you must remember to stay patience bid with resolve. Resolve means determination to keep going, to see a goal through to the end, to win without losing tons of money in bids.You have to be patient and you must set goals and limits for yourself so as not to lose money set a limit. If you find yourself often bidding too often, too soon, then you really need to set up a bid buddy for yourself that way you wont just bid hastily whenever you want to bid, but the computer will bid for you!
Know your Competition: Resolve also means determination. Be determined to win by preparing yourself . Learn about your competition with clues they give you and patterns of bidding. Watch bidders and see if you recognize their names. Do they bid a lot or a little? Are they almost at their win limits? Take notes!
Conserve your bids! Bidding fast and often can make the auction price rise faster than it really would otherwise and you will soon be out of bids.
Book a Bid Buddy!
Use Bid Buddy, a lot of auction winners use bid buddy to have a competitive advantage. It’s easy to miss the bid button and it’s easy to get carried away. Just set it and almost – forget it! You put the amount of bids you want to use and it will bid for you. You can also cancel if you change your mind.
Plan a strategic bidding pattern. Do you bid every time at 3 seconds? Every time when someone bids against you? Set a pattern so other bidders see you and know you’re still there and you’re serious about winning. Just remember, if you don’t want to bid anymore just back out and use buy it now. You will get those bids back and the item (you just wont get a great deal on it).
Bid on different items. Bid on items that you wouldn’t otherwise bid on. Don’t always go for the laptops or smartphones, bid on games and items that may have less competition just to get used to bidding and start winning!
Bid at different times. 
Bid on DealDash at different times of the day. Too busy at 7 pm when a lot of people are done with work and dinner? Wake up early, try bidding as early as 5 am and see if you have better luck! Auctions on DealDash are just open to US bidders, so keep that in mind!
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