Happy Halloween! Safety Tips & Deals

What do you have planned for Halloween? If you are taking your kids out trick-o-treating be sure to take precautions.

1. Don’t cross the street unless it’s at a stopwalk. Jaywalking is very dangerous, especially on a dark night.
2. Wear reflective clothing.
3. Don’t wear long costumes you or your children could trip on.
4. Make sure to only go to homes that are well lit.
5. Once you get home be sure to inspect your candy. Some really bad people could want to trick your kids. Some people have found drugs and even needles in candy bars. Be sure to inspect all candy first. Or just pass on trick-or-treating altogether and go to the store the day after Halloween for half off Halloween candy! Or just bid on candy at DealDash. There’s even Kit Kat bars!
6. When going to Halloween parties take precautions: Don’t leave your drinks unattended and don’t go overboard!
7. Have fun!

Halloween Weekend Deals on DealDash!
DealDash is offering Halloween weekend deals. Check out the savings & deals!
Instead of no bidders after $5 it’s now no bidders after $3 this weekend only. This protects auctions from jumpers and cuts down on the bidding competition!
halloween weekendBids are on sale for $0.16!
Be sure to stock up and save!
DealDash Bidding Tips to help you win!
Book a Bid Buddy!
bid buddy
Use Bid Buddy! Set the amount of bids you want to place and literally forget it, if you want! This is especially great if you are unavailable to bid on an item you want.
Bid on different items. Bid on smaller items, larger items. Items you need. Try them all! 🙂
Bid at different times. 
Bid on DealDash at different times of the day. Bid early in the morning or late at night!
Do you have a favorite bidding tip or strategy? Share it with us!