Beginner Auctions on DealDash

dealdash beginnersDo you find yourself frustrated by the tough competition all vying to win the same hot item on a penny auction site?
Even while bidding on DealDash, the competition can sometimes be tough!
Plus, if you haven’t bid a lot you really need to start out slow, practice bidding and start actually being able to win to get the hang of the way entertainment shopping auctions work. That’s why bidding on Beginner’s Auctions on DealDash is the perfect way to get your feet wet and practice bidding. Plus, you might have a better chance of winning on beginner auctions.
Beginner’s auctions are displayed on the homepage, right after you login to your DealDash account. There are just a handful of auctions that are shown that you can bid on when you are a beginner.
These items range in price, but are on the lower end of values with $10 fast food gift cards, and other smaller items under $50. DealDash limits each bidder to 1 beginner auction win.
Current beginner auctions include a Celestron UpClose 8×21 Roof Binocular, Official Major League Baseball w/ Cube Display Box and a $10 Burger King gift card.
Beginner Bidding Tips:
#1. Use Bid Buddy
#2 Start out by buying a bid pack.
#3 Bid on beginner auctions
#4 Use Buy it Now
buy it now
Bid on auctions that you really want and spend only the amount of bids that you can  afford when you combine the purchase with using buy it now on the item. To buy it now click the “buy it now!” link below the auction’s bidding area. Then a pop-up will show you the value and how much you pay. Buy it Now by inputting your credit card info and wait to receive it. Shipping is free on all items either won or bought with buy it now.