How to Pick What to Bid on First?

DealDash has oodles of items!  But how do you decide what to bid on first or even find what you want? From hand sanitizers to kit-kats, to furniture for your bedroom, living room, patio, to utensils and dishes, appliances and espresso makers, lawn mowers and snow blowers, Barbies and Lego, gift cards, tents, bicycles, kayaks, pedal boats, tablets, video games, iPads, iPhones, iPods, smartphones, coffee, thermometers, clothing (gift cards), makeup, jewelry, office furniture, tools, TVs, mp3 players, speakers, toys for kids and babies, cameras and camcorders, and so much more. How do you find it all?
1. You can just go to the homepage and see what’s actively ending right now.
2. You can browse categories. Go to the menu bar to the top left of the auctions on the page and click “Browse Categories.”
DealDash has all of their auctions categorized:
New Items, Bid Packs, Cameras & Camcorders, Computers, Laptops & Tablets, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home & Office, Kitchen & Appliances, Mobile Phones & Audio, Other Items, TV & Home Theater, Tools & Home Improvement, Toys, Kids & Baby, Video Games, Music & Movies.
3. Search for Auctions
When you’re viewing the auction page you will see on the right-hand side a search bar with the text “Search Auctions.”
ps4 auctions - deals- dealdash
For instance, I searched for ps4 and the search results are 3 sold items: Power A Dualshock Charging Station for PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 4 console, Turtle Beach Ear Force Gaming Headset for PS4, PS3 + Xbox, a current auction running now for a PS4, the same charging station and headset and two games
You can put anything you are looking for and it will search all auctions that DealDash is offering right now, in the future (you can get alerts for when) and a few previously
ended items.
So say you want to search for bedroom or kitchen and not any one particular brand, you can do that too.
kitchenOr a kitchen brand such as Nespresso:
nespresso deals
If you are looking for a queen size bed, search queen size bed in the search bar and you will get results for air beds, platform beds, headboards and full/queen size bedding.
queen size bed
If you are a brand new bidder, both to penny auctions and DealDash, I’d suggest you try bidding on the beginner auctions that you will see on the homepage when you sign in. Beginner Auctions.
Beginner Auctions are on the homepage  right after you login to your account. There are just a few beginner auctions at a time. Beginner items range in price – usually $10 to $50 and all new bidders can only win one beginner auction.
So check it out if you haven’t won yet! Win a beginner item with less competition and let us know what you like about the auctions you see on DealDash!