How to Sign Up for DealDash: Tips for Beginner Bidders!

You just found, you’re wondering what it’s all about and what you should know before you start bidding!
DealDash newbies, this is for you so listen up!
 1. Register – when you first sign up for you will see a registration page on
dealdash join
First, find out more about the site before you get started.

  • Shipping is always free

“All items on DealDash come with free shipping, and are typically shipped out within 24 hours.”

  • Get Bids back if you don’t win

“If you don’t win the auction you can always buy the item at a normal, fair retail price and get your bids back.”

  • 90-Day money back guarantee

“If you try DealDash and find it’s not for you, we’ll refund your first purchase within 90 days. No questions asked. Simply email [email protected].”
After you register you will be taken to a bid pack purchase page. You do not have to purchase bids just yet, if you don’t want to or aren’t ready. But you can’t bid without purchasing a bid pack first! There is one bid pack for beginners, and it’s a 200 bids bid pack for $32- this would make bids $0.16 each. You can easily reload your bid balance by purchasing additional bid packs after the initial bid pack purchase.  So jump in and give it a try. DealDash accepts major credit cards and PayPal for payment.
2. Familiarize yourself with the site and learn how penny auctions work.
On the homepage you will see all of the active and upcoming auctions on DealDash right now, plus 2 ended auctions and the end price. You can see more ended auctions by clicking on the “Winners” tab on the top of the page.
DealDash’s features are very different from other penny auctions.
– “No Jumpers” Notice that it says “no jumpers” on top of every auction item box. This means that no new bidders can enter the auction after the bid price has reached $5.00.
-“Buy it Now” All auctions on DealDash have “buy it now” this means that if you would like to buy an item at any time you can buy it for the stated price, which is really the retail price on many sites including Walmart and  You can buy an auction with buy it now even if you did not bid on the auction. The advantage to this feature is that if you have spent bids on trying to win an item and did not win you can buy it now and get all of those bids back into your bidding account and also get the item for the stated price + free shipping. Win/Win you will just have to get better or luckier and win something next time you try!
When you click on an item to see the auction if you do not have any bids in your account and are a beginner you will not be able to see the entire auction page or bid, but you will see a summary of the item and the average winning bid price for it. For instance,

-Open auctions vs. No New Bidders
dealdash tipsBid Now and No New Bidders – 
The auctions that have a yellow bid button and say “Bid Now” are available for bidding. However, if the auction has a yellow ribbon across it stating “No New Bidders” this means the item’s “end price” has already met the $5.00 price point threshold and if you have not bid in the auction prior to this cut off point you are not eligible to bid in it.
Do I have to pay for bids when I first sign up? No, you are not obligated to pay for a bid pack when you sign up but take note that if you do put in your credit card info you will be charged the stated amount for beginner (200 bids) bid pack. 
DealDash is a spin on the traditional pay to bid penny auction. It really is a penny auction, just offers features that make it better.
Timers on a penny auction site are not always definite like an eBay auction. A timer can show 2 seconds and end in 2 seconds, or time can be added and the auction prolonged once another bidder places a bid. The final end price, or the current end price, until an item ends, is increased by one penny with each bid placed. So if an item is $5.86 586 bids have been placed on the item so far by all participating bidders!
Be sure to familiarize yourself with the site and process by reading more of our tips here and by checking out the site for yourself at
Good luck & happy bidding!