Coleman your Camping Partner

Coleman has become a tradition for campers just as camping has become a traditional choice for vacations. It’s popular for families, friends, and couples to go camping at least once a year. Campers even start developing their own “places” and “spots” to go to annually – creating a tradition similar to holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

In the same way that travelers find a specific spot in the woods to set up camp or a favorite lake to drop their fishing line – they also trust certain brands’ items for use when camping. That is why Coleman is one of the most popular and trusted brands among consumers.
Coleman focuses their product lines on outdoor recreation productions and began in 1900 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. William Coffer Coleman was the founder and started out selling gasoline pressure lamps. Over 100 years later, Coleman is owned by Jarden Corporation, but is still an American company and has its headquarter in Witchita, Kansas since 1902.
Coleman has a wide range of products available and it is worth browsing their camping and recreational items before your next camping trip. Their flagship product is the Lantern. The company has produced a variety of cooking stoves and domestic irons that are popular with consumers. You can also buy sleeping bags, coolers, hot tubs, watches, backpacks, tents, boats, canoes, and more. Coleman has recently even started making a backyard barbecue grill.
Furthermore, Coleman tents are also quite popular especially if rain clouds hover around your camp site. As Coleman states “Water is great for swimming, fishing and kayaking. But nobody wants to sleep in it.” Therefore, having a Coleman tent guarantees a dry sleep space no matter how wet outside.
Coleman products are popular with consumers because their company has been around for many years and has been a resilient company. Even with ownership changing hands a few times, the brand quality never wavered. Their products are available directly from Coleman and you can also snag them for less than retail and for a great deal on DealDash. For your next camping trip, investing in Coleman gear is certainly a good decision.