Winning Strategies, Tips

Regardless how long we have been shopping on we can never learn too much when it comes to winning strategies and tips.

I decided to share some winning strategies and tips that have worked for me.

Always Use BidBuddy

Do not place bids from the home page. This is a given for experienced DealDash shoppers, but it takes some new players a long time to figure out where the automated bidder, BidBuddy, is hiding. If you have not yet found and use BidBuddy this is the first thing to do. Anyone who casts single bids from the home page will only waste bids and will not be able to see or know what’s happening behind the scenes.

To find BidBuddy, open the auction page of the product you want to bid on. A window will open up and that’s where BidBuddy is hiding. Place your bids into BidBuddy. If there are five other shoppers who placed bids into BidBuddy, it will automatically take turns placing one bid for each one of you. The shopper who places the most bids into BidBuddy will have the last bid and win.

DealDash has the best automated bidder I have ever seen because there is no bid limit and it is very easy to add or delete bids at any time. When we place our bids into BidBuddy, they will be safe there and will not be used until the clock gets down to zero.

Do Not Get Locked Out

Usually, DealDash customers can participate in an auction at any time until after it reaches $5.00. During special promotions it might change to $3.00, $2.00 or even $1.00 and for extremely high dollar items, like a brand new vehicle, it changes to $1,000.00. When the auction reaches its designated limit, all new bidders are locked out from participating in the auction. Therefore, it’s important to get our first bid placed before we get locked out.

Limit Competition

To limit competition we should look for auctions that have the fewest number of other players going for the win. I usually shop in auctions that have only 30 or fewer qualified shoppers.

Of course, if 30 shoppers have placed at least one bid and are qualified to participate in an auction it does not mean that all 30 shoppers will seriously compete for the win. Many players place one bid, leave and never return. Perhaps only five shoppers or one in six will place more than one bid.

If we see another auction that has 100 shoppers who placed at least one bid, perhaps 10 or one shopper in 10 will place more than one bid and go for the win.

The important thing is to do the math and go with the auction with the least amount of competition.

Bid Early

If we look at the “featured winners list,” we will see that even some high-dollar auctions sometimes sell for just one or two bids.

Let’s say we have 300 bids with which to shop. If we choose to use the “bid early” strategy we might choose to place 10 bids each in beginning of 30 different auctions and hope that one or more of them sell early.

Bid Late

Some shoppers like to play the waiting game with the hope that other shoppers will run out of bids before they do.

Let’s say we have 300 bids but we decide to use the “bid late” strategy. We might place one bid early in an auction (so we do not get locked out), then wait until the bidding gets down to only two shoppers. That’s when we place the rest of our 299 bids we have left all into one auction.

Putting all of our bids into one auction sometimes works better than spreading them around in too many places.

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This sponsored blog post was submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers. Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post. Blog posts are written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company.