A Great Sale This Week At DealDash!

There is something very special about an outrageous sale at DealDash, I love everything they do to try and help the player have more fun and get a great deal.  If there is one thing I’ve learned in my nearly two years on this sit is DealDash really cares about our experience, they want us to win and they don’t ever want us to struggle with an issue that Customer Service could handle.  Their staff is exceptional and I always feel comfortable asking for help when I need it.

This Week at DealDash there are a lot of opportunities to get great deals.  Monday 3/22/2016 will continue the 7X Free Bids Celebration at DealDash.  They are having an anniversary of 7 years, and they are giving us the great deal!

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Monday will not only have 7X Free Bid but the price of every bid is only .12 cents.   This is the best price DealDash offers and is the best time to stock up on bids for that prize you have always been dreaming of.  There are so many new items on DealDash that right now it’s hard to decide which way to go, but the reality is, what ever you bid on is fun, you could win and then there will be the awesome fireworks!

Tuesday Feb. 23. 2016 introduces the Price Crash sale and bids are only .15 cents each, but the best part of this deal is the “No New Bidders After $3” Sale  this means that the bidding pool will be less filled with player and therefore easier to win.   So you can get your bids for .12 to .15 cents each and bid in a narrow field.  That is a combination for winning!!

Wednesday the 24th of Feb., 2016 continues the “no New Bidders After $3” Sale and the bids are reduced to .14 cents each, but if that isn’t enough, you could load up on bids again on thursday the 35th when bids will be .13 each.  it’s a great deal and a wonderful time to load up on bids for the sales evert.

There is nothing more rewarding than getting the free bids on top of free bids, if you can take a photo, you can get more free bids, a;; you need to do is go to Facebook.com/dealdash and submit a sample of your work.

This is a great week to get involved with DealDash, don’t miss this fantastic sales Monday the 22nd of February, through Monday.

Remember to stock up on bids asap!  It’s a great time to get free bids at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!