5 Things You Should Know About Bidding

Want to win more auctions on DealDash, but haven’t been able to and feel stumped?!
Here are 5 things you should know about bidding on DealDash and other penny auction websites before you get frustrated and give up.
1. Bidding is not free nor is it a guarantee you will win anything!
Remember, each time you place a bid you are spending money! Unless you get the bids you are placing free by posting pictures of you with your wins on social media, or you won a bid pack auction, each bid you are placing should be treated like money. For more on bid pack auctions read Bidding on Bid Packs! You must be comfortable with losing money if you purchase bid packs, bid and fail to win.
Bids cost $0.60 a piece and are sometimes less if you get in on a bid pack promotion on DealDash.
2. Bidding is not the only cost involved when you are bidding.
If you win,  and by all means – hopefully you do,  you will have to pay the final auction price. The price that the auction is at when it ends, in addition to any bids spent.
3. Shipping is FREE
On DealDash.com when you win and when you use buy it now, all items are shipped to you free of shipping charges.
4. Bidding is FUN
Bidding can be fun if you don’t take it too seriously, but just serious enough knowing that you are spending real money and you might not win anything.
5. Know what DealDash offers and how to find it.
Did you know that DealDash offers thousands of items each week? Not sure if they have what you’re looking for? Be sure to use the quick and easy search bar to narrow it all down. DealDash offers everything from toilet paper to turkey dinners, gift cards, home tools, kitchen items, furniture and tons more! Just read more of this blog to find out or see for yourself. Click here to check it out and bid!