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Then, after the auctions for gift cards are over there will be 3 hours of auctions for stuff to fuel your favorite hobbies. From gardening to exercise, grilling, machine shop equipment, dress presses, etc., to iPod docks if you just like to chill and listen to music. AMC movie theatre gift cards if you like to relax with a movie and buttery popcorn! Plus, the price of movies have really increased over the years, by bidding on a penny auction for an AMC gift card on DealDash – if you win, you may be able to save significantly! Electric scooters for those of you who love to move and get outside! There’s even auctions for tents, binoculars, mountain bikes, kayaks, portable camp stoves, fishing gear, lanterns,¬†coolers and other camping gear if you want to practice wilderness survival or just get away from it all with a camping trip.
Golfing your hobby of choice? DealDash will also offer new golf clubs from TiTech, Wilson Sporting Goods, and more!
If you’re a duck hunter you’ll enjoy seeing auctions for decoys on DealDash during this hobby auction event, or any time! Just search for decoys.
Love to shoot hoops? DealDash even has an auction for an MD Sports Medal 2-Player Basketball Game with net.
What’s DealDash anyway? Its a fun, pay to bid penny auction where you purchase bids for chances to win brand-new items for less than retail. Do you bid?