DealDash Winning Tips & How to Get Free Bids!

New DealDash bidder? Listen up!
Winning auctions is a ton of fun, it’s even more fun when you can win auctions for free!
It’s really easy to get free bids on DealDash, too! DealDash has opportunities to rack up free bids by posting pictures of you won items to a number of social media sites.
Post your win pictures to DealDash’s Facebook page, Google plus page, Twitter page, and Pinterest to earn free bids! You can get as many as 200 free bids just by sharing your win photo on Facebook! How to Get Free Bids on DealDash: Post to Facebook.
While you will have to start somewhere before you can get free bids, DealDash offers auctions for brand new bidders: beginner auctions. Beginner auctions can be found after you register for an account, on the homepage. Bid and win these ones to start so you get a feel for how the bidding process works and when you receive the item be sure to snap a picture and share it on social media.
So, that’s our first tip for new bidders to DealDash.
1. Win beginner auctions.
2. Submit pictures of your wins to social media.
3. Get free bids.
What do you bid on after you win beginner auctions?
Well, of course you need to be careful with what you choose to bid on. You really need to bid on items you both want and need.  So that’s easy. Pick items you really want. And then try to win them. If you don’t win by bidding you could use buy it now and get all of your bids back.
But how do you know who to bid against or who not to big against?
That’s a tough question.
It’s not easy to predict bidding patterns of competitors, BUT! – you can, and really should, research your competitors.
Who are they? Well, you may not really know, but they give you clues. Some post profile statuses and some will even try to intimidate you. Just don’t fall for it. See how many items they’ve won this month. Look and see if you see them on the winners page. Did it look like they spent a lot of bids? Does it look like they win a lot consistently? Take notes. You may not want to bid against someone who has been around awhile and really knows the ropes. First start small by bidding on beginner auctions then work you way up. And, don’t forget to post your wins to social media for free DealDash Bids!
Have a great day remember to sing when you win!
 14424549271_57959caf69_kPhoto by nbabaian.