4 DealDash Bidding Tips to Get You Ahead of the Game

These DealDash bidding tips will help you out if you’re not sure about a few key features on DealDash!
Are you new to DealDash? Did you just blow through your first bid pack and have nothing to show for it? Maybe you’ve bid on auctions a bit already but still can’t seem to win much and keep wondering how others are able to win to their heart’s content and max out their weekly win limits, right? Want to be like them? Do what they do! Take note!
If you’re a newbie, first of all, be sure you bid on the beginner auctions that you will find once logged in. Beginner auctions are just for bidders who haven’t won anything yet and are really a great way to get familiar with the bidding and shipping process.
Let the Bid Buddy be your best friend! Ok, figuratively (not literally 😉 – at least I really hope not! Sometimes bidding on auctions can be more fun than hanging out with friends though! What’s Bid Buddy?  Bid buddy is this automated bidding program that’s in each auction on DealDash – programmed right in to allow you to input the number of bids you want to spend and from what increments in the auction process: $1.00-$4.00, $0.01-0.50, and so forth!
Bid on different items. Bid on items that you wouldn’t otherwise bid on. Don’t always go for the laptops or smartphones, bid on games and items that may have less competition just to get used to bidding and start winning!
Bid at different times. 
Bid on DealDash at different hours of the day. Try bidding in the middle of the night, early morning, or just around 11 pm. Do you see a difference in competition when you bid at one time over another?
What are some of your bidding questions? Ask away and we’ll answer them next time!