6 Quirky Items You Won't Find On Any Other Penny Auction

Whether you’re looking to win a new HDTV or iPhone 6 cheap or you are just really bored and need some entertainment, something different to do you just might like bidding on these super quirky and useful items on DealDash – I guarantee you won’t find these on another penny auction site!
Test your bidding skills, or get into a bidding war with an auction for Hershey’s Kit Kat bars! Or just try out the buy it now feature and have 10.78 ounces of Kit Kats shipped to your door for $9. Score!
Halloween is almost here so it’s a good time to stock up on Halloween candy – especially if you can get great deals!
kit kat bars Ok -maybe you’re thinking what I’m thinking – what’s a stainless steel jalapeno rack with cover?! If you like Jalapeno poppers though, this will probably be your favorite way to make them from the comfort of your kitchen. HIllBilly10-4 will enjoy his jalapenos! This is actually the best way to roast jalapenos in the oven.. If you can eat whole jalapenos without the golden breading + cream cheese oozing out!
“Do you love the taste of stuffed, spicy, and hot peppers and jalapenos? Nothing sets off the fiery flavor of spicy jalapeno peppers like a slow roast over a spitfire grill. This 36-hole jalapeno rack offers high-capacity space for roasting piles of glossy peppers to smoky perfection. Its stainless-steel construction washes easily and withstands rust and scorching, and a corresponding stainless-steel coring tool enables fast, effortless preparation of the little delicacies. It quickly removes all the insides of the peppers so you’ll be able to enjoy your stuffed peppers faster!”
Quirky – only if you don’t love jalapenos!
jalapeno rack with corer
Buy it now for $23 if you end up not winning. A recent auction for this Stainless Steel Jalapeno rack  just ended for $4.05.
If you’re not a hunter these storm front decoys could be a quirky lawn decoration or centerpiece… For serious duck hunters check out the Storm Front Premium Mallard Decoys on DealDash – recently sold for $6.99 and valued at$45.
storm front decoys
It’s apple season, so maybe this one isn’t all too quirky, but it’s just another item to show you that DealDash isn’t just about electronics and gift cards!
Flexrake 13 ft. fruit picker will pick fruit from high reaching tree tops! Buy it now for $39 or win it for less like Jesuitowl did at $3.68.
flexrake fruit
Enjoy fall. get out there and pick some apples!
This decorative plasma lamp will catapult you back to the 80s. Plasma lamps are actually pretty cool… even if they may look well, er, different in your livingroom. The internal electrodeless lamp was actually invented by Tesla after his experiment with high frequency current in evacuated glass tubes.  Whoa. so if you want a daily science experiment this decoratve plasma would be the perfect item to bid on, or just to test your bidding skills out if you’re a n00b. $0.23 is what this one ended for recently on DealDash.com.
plasma lamp
gelatin brain mold kitOf course this one is for Halloween, but wouldn’t it be extra crazy if you invited your friends over and served them Jello in the form of a gory brain? Oh yeah, maybe do that if you don’t really value your friendships.. or if you just think that kind of think is fun. Perfect for a Halloween zombie party.
So what’s your favorite quirky item on DealDash – what would you bid on if DealDash offered it?