DealDash Columbus Day Sale & Tips!

“In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue,” Christopher Columbus claims he discovered America on October 12, 1492, so we commemorate this discovery on the following Monday every October, this year Columbus day is tomorrow, October 13!
In honor of Columbus Day DealDash just announced a special offer -all bids are now $0.15 each and all auction wins are free. This means you only pay for the bids you place and not the final auction’s price. And as always, shipping is free!
Bids are all $0.15 each and range in price from $33 for 220 bids, $75 for 500 bids, $150 for 1000 bids, $300 for 2000 bids, 4000 bids for $600.
What kind of items can you save on at DealDash?
DealDash sells gift cards, Cameras & camcorders, computers, laptops, tablets, fashion – health & beauty,
home & office materials/furniture, kitchen & appliances, mobile phones & audio, TV/home theater, tools & home improvement, toys for kids & baby and more!
A few things you should know about DealDash.
1. They’ve been one of the longest running, if not the longest running penny auction sites.
2. Founded in Finland.  Based in the US with offices in Minneapolis & Finland.
3. Items are all shipped free of charge and are brand new with applicable manufacturer’s warranties.
4. DealDash is not like a traditional auction. It’s a new form of shopping that launched with Swoopo ( now gone, but it dates back to pre-2008). DealDash offers items in fast-paced auctions, in order to be eligible to win users must register then purchase a bid package of bids to win. Each bid costs $0.60 initially, but you can buy a bid pack when DealDash offers sales, like right now all bids are $0.15 each. Once you see an auction you like you can start bidding when you want to. Each time you place a bid the auction countdown clock increases/resets and counts down. You will win if no one else bids against you. If someone bids against you the clock is reset again and they could win if no one bids against them. That’s basically how it works… Once the timer goes from 1-0 with no bids placed the last to bid is the winner.
5. No Jumper auctions – all auctions on DealDash are “jumper proof” meaning no new bidders can enter to bid after the price hits $5- so only if you place a bid before $5 are you eligible to bid.
6. Buy it now is a must! Buy an item with buy it now if you don’t win and get your bids back into your account!
7. DealDash is open to US residents 18 of years and older, be sure to read all of the terms & conditions prior to buying bids and bidding.
8. You can’t win as many items as you want, DealDash has win limits set.
All bidders can win 6 products worth $200 or less per week. Bidders may also only win 3 products worth more than $200 each week. All win limits will be reset on Saturday at 00:01 am. 
Do you bid on DealDash?