DealDash Top Tips Round-Up 07/13


Welcome to the DealDash Top Tips Round-Up for Friday July 13th! The Top Tips Round-Up series is the best way to get the best tips of the week if you missed any of the weekly blogs.

Hi there bidders! Today we have the next edition of the DealDash Top Tip Round-Up for July. In this fun and informative weekly series, we highlight the best tips and important ideas from the previous week. The Top Tips Round-Up is all about DealDash tips and tricks for bidders on DealDash. You’ll want to read this article so you don’t miss out on any tips, tricks, or ideas. Read on for more information.

 Be Sure to Browse from the July 7th Blog

The theme of July 7th’s blog was all about being a new bidder and knowing some basics on DealDash. The top tip of that blog was simply to be sure that you are browsing the auctions often. Here is the information from that blog on reasons to browse:

  • Get familiar with the products offered
  • See the frequency that your favorite items are offered
  • Get familiar with the other bidders
  • See what prices your favorite items typically end
  • See what new items are offered


If you would like to read the whole article, just click here.

 Employ Tricky Tips from the July 9th Blog

The blog on July 9th had a few suggestions on how to be a little tricky when bidding on DealDash. There are a million and one different ways to be tricky, but sitting back and waiting is a smart trick to save bids:

“If you are bidding on something that you aren’t 100% committed to getting then sometimes it’s a good idea to throw in a few bids and then sit back and wait to see what happens. This isn’t a good strategy for something that you must have, but it’s a good tactic for an item that comes up often.”

If you’d like to read that article in its entirety, just click this link right here.

 Choosing a Strategy from the July 10th Blog

The blog on July 10th was about choosing a strategy to use while bidding. Two ideas are to place small bids on many auctions or place fewer bids on a couple of auctions. From the blog, written by Barbara:

“Let’s say you have 300 bids. You could put 5 bids on 60 auctions or two or three bids on 120 auctions. If some auctions close after only one or two bids every day, and you placed some bids on 120 of them, odds might be pretty good that you could be in the right auction at the right time at least once.

Want to read the whole blog and be informed? Just click here.

Gifts for Grandma from the July 11th Blog

July 11th’s blog was a short primer on winning and BINning gifts for grandmas. There were many suggestions for grandma gifts in the article, but a great one was kitchen items – especially if you like cookies. From the blog:

“Get her new mixing bowls and a baking sheet, and you’re almost assured to be getting freshly baked cookies in the near future. Now that’s a win! To see the kitchen items available, just click here.”

Want to read the rest to help you choose a gift for Grandma? Just click here.

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