Ways to Keep Your Cool & Stay Cool This Summer With DealDash!

Do you find yourself fuming with anger and frustration when you bid on penny auctions and lose?
Here are a few ways to keep your cool….
1. You’ve been bidding for a few minutes and it’s all good you keep saying I’m going to win, I’m going to win!! It will be any second now… until… the clock ticks on and a few seconds goes to a few minutes and a few minutes becomes a few hours. You are tired and frustrated. You thought you would win, but you still find yourself bidding. You’re upset and worried that the auction will never end.  What should you do?
Well! The good news is you have two options. 1: keep bidding. 2: just stop, buy it now and get your bids back. Seriously! You can easily get ALL of your bids back when you just use the auction’s BUY IT NOW. Seriously why wouldn’t you try bidding on DealDash to win anything from a gift card to a lawn mower to a snow cone maker, swimming pool or popcorn maker? Buy it now on this penny auction site is a GREAT way to stop your frustration. So keep your cool and buy it now.
2. Set a time and bid limit for yourself. Say you are only going to spend so many bids, say 200…. and then drop out. Stick to your limit. Stick to your time limit too if you have other things you have to do.
3. Keep it light. Take bidding as if it were a game for fun. Have fun even if you don’t win and be ok with losing when you aren’t the winner. That way you will be a lot happier and you won’t get carried away.
Now that you’ve learned how to keep your cool while bidding on DealDash, find out how to stay cool this summer with DealDash!
1. Fans!
sold fan
DealDash has recently been selling TONS of fans – this last auction for a Honeywell 16-inch Stand Fan valued at a buy it now price of $48 was just sold today to mikegregg22 for only $0.60. I bet he will be putting the fan to good use in sunny Florida!
2. Air Conditioners!
This Frigidair 8k BTU Slider/Casement Air Conditioner valued at a buy it now of $622 was won by itwillcostu in Oregon  for just $1.74! WHOA Sure it’s a One Per User auction but where else can you get an air conditioner for under $2!? What a steal!
There are more where these come from.. Check out the auctions on DealDash.com and search for fans + air conditioners in the search box or get notified of an upcoming auction.
3. Swimming Pools!
locaThere’s nothing crazy about user Loca winning this INTEX 10 foot by 30 foot Metal Frame Swimming Pool valued at $115. It’s for real on DealDash! Check it out and let us know what you win!
-Keep your cool + Stay cool with DealDash!
Happy Summer.