Want to Win? Read These Top Bidding Tips

iPads for $10? Laptops for $5? Gift cards for $0.10? You may be able to get amazing deals on gift cards, laptops, kitchen items, furniture even, sometimes even food, herbs, and soon DealDash will offer clothing!
If you’ve been wondering how bidders are able to get these and other great deals keep reading!
First, you will need to know how to sign up and start bidding on DealDash. So first all you have to do is go to DealDash.com and think of a unique username that you want for your bidding name, then click “sign up” and enter your information. It’s free to sign up and you don’t have to spend any money until you decide to purchase a bid pack. The only way you can win is if you buy a bid pack. Bid packs are sold in a number of different denominations, the more bids you have the more chances you have at bidding to win. While you could win an item with 1 bid, sometimes this won’t be the case and you will have to spend more bids and bids equal money. Once you decide on the bid pack you want to start with you can start bidding! You can easily refill your bidding account by purchasing more bids as you bid, but its good to buy bids ahead of an auction so that you don’t have any problems where you end up missing a bid.
Next, understand how the auction process works.
DealDash is an entertainment auction – it’s not like eBay where you can be the highest bidder and win, on DealDash you have to be the “last” highest bidder. Each time you place a bid in an auction the auction timer resets itself, usually in 10 second increments. You may place a bid then the timer ticks down, and it’ may even almost reach 1-0 but another bidder can still place a bid and the timer gets reset again and they will then be the highest possible winning bidder until you or someone else places a bid over them. If no one places a bid the auction will end, this is how you win. ┬áSee how it works? Now give it a try!
I’d suggest bidders start with beginner auction items, these are usually lower-valued items but can be easier to win and will give you a good feel for bidding if you want to practice.
I know, you’re probably thinking, what happens if I don’t win? It’s always a disappointment when you lose an auction, but don’t fret! If you really wanted the item you can still have it you just have to use “buy now” and pay the listed purchase price, shipping is free! Plus, if you use buy now you will get all of the bids you placed on the item back into your bidding account to use bidding on a future auction. Pretty great – win-win if you ask me!
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Good Luck!