DealDash Bidders Get Great Deals on Four Sigma Foods

We recently told you about Four Sigma Foods, a unique health food company offering medicinal mushrooms, energy supplements and adaptogenic herbs. Four Sigma wholeheartedly believes that mushrooms are one of the healthiest foods around. If you look on  Four Sigma’s website you will see that their premium products come with a premium price tag, and they should, but you may not have to pay that much to get Four Sigma products including energy supplements and boxes of Reishi mushroom tea. four sigmaA box of 20 Reishi mushroom tea bags costs $35 on Four Sigma’s website, plus shipping charges, if you win an auction on DealDash you not only can save significantly, you will also get free shipping. Four Sigma offers shipping, but only on purchases of $100+!
Recently ended auctions, as you can see above, a box of Instant Shitake Herbal Mushroom tea valued at $3 sold for $0.01, 5 boxes of 10 herbs for mind and sport herbs sold for just $0.01 as well. Another recently ended box of mind herbs ended for just $0.54 – valued at $100.

I love seeing companies that give back to the global community. Four Sigma is no stranger to this and for every instant beverage box that you buy they will donate one portion of medicinal mushrooms to a cancer patient.

Four Sigma Foods was founded on a principle of making meaningful work. Even in the first sketches we made in October 2010, we split this dream into three actionable areas to do good:

  1. Producing innovative health food products. This is also the one that if done right brings food to our own table as well.
  2. Giving free natural health education. We want to spread to word on not only our own products, but also about the whole natural living lifestyle.
  3. Charitable actions. In the beginning we were not sure what this was, but we knew that we wanted to give back to the society also”

Clearly, DealDash is not your typical entertainment auction site, they’re always looking for new and innovative items from Four Sigma foods to Makia Clothing to Beddit sleep trackers and so much more. Learn more about DealDash with these tips!