Tips to Win on DealDash: Your Bidding Buddy

robotDo you have a bidding buddy? And no, we’re not talking about a friend who tells you when to bid against them and when not too: note this is called collusion and it’s against the terms & conditions, not to mention it’s unethical.
Tired of clicking the bid button?
Make bid buddy your bidding friend. Bid Buddy is an automated bidding system provided by DealDash and accesible in the interface of each auction item
How it works is you input the amount of bids you would like the BidBuddy system to bid for you in the bid field, you must first have the amount in your bidding balance.
You can also tell the system the start and end time you would like to bid from. Once it’s set sit back and watch the computer bid for you.
Getting started:
1. Under where it says BidBuddy – Your Automatic Bidding Tool type in the number of bids you would like BidBuddy to bid for you – then click “Book a BidBuddy”
Deal dash Bidding tips bid buddy

Advantages to using DealDash’s bid buddy. 

  • -You won’t risk losing to another bidder if you miss the bid button, if your Internet connection disconnects, if you computer is slow, or due to internet latency if you place a bid too close to the end time and the system does not register.
  • – You don’t know if any other bidder is on bid buddy though, and they won’t know that you are. What happens is with each bid round bids are placed by the system by bidders on bid buddy and you can’t control or predict when the bid buddy will fire or when your’s will, but it will fire when the timer goes down and no one else bids and another bidder isn’t on BidBuddy.
  • – Keep an eye on how many bids you have left in both your account and in your BidBuddy bidding queue, You don’t want to run out of bids and lose anticipating it to place another bid from your account when you don’t have any left.
  • – If you want to try to win the item and if you don’t win, but plan on using buy it now, just set your Bid Buddy for the full retail amount and forget it. Check back later and see if you won. If you didn’t all you have to do is buy it for the stated price and then you will get all of your bids back. Just be sure you buy it now before 7 days from the auction date have passed. Learn more about buy it now on DealDash and save money on everything you want!

Try DealDash today and use BidBuddy to bid on!