Tips for Winning: See Who Is Out!

We all want to win and get great deals on items on penny auctions, but with many bidders bidding on the same item the competition can be fierce it’s important to know your competition and see where they’re at. Did you know that you can find out who is ineligible to bid so you know you won’t see them come in and start bidding against you in that auction you’ve been dying to win? DealDash has win limits – to help provide an even playing field and equal chance for everyone to win, bidders can only win up to 6 items less than $200 (buy it now value) and 3 items valued more than $200 per week.
Curious about who is at their win limit? It’s easy to find out, all you have to do is go to your My Dashboard page -> Who’s on their limit -> Spend 1 bid and it will reveal a list of everyone who is on their limit and will be active and updated for 12 hours!
So you can see the bidders who are on their limit sorted in alphabetical order – on the left side as you can see below, are all bidders who are on their limit for items less than $200 and on the right more than $200. Pretty neat!
Use this “Who’s on their limit” list to gain a competitive advantage and as another tool to know your competition!
win limits
DealDash facts:
Did you know that DealDash has been around in the US since February 2009? 

Bidding is easy with bid prices starting at $0.60 and on sale for $0.15 or less if bought during a bid pack sale.
Ships fast via USPS/FedEx and UPS
All items are shipped free.
How do the auctions work?
1. Each bid raises the end price by $0.01.
2. The auction clock will reset to 10 seconds with each new bid.
3. Once bidding stops the last bidder to place a bid wins!
P.S! If you don’t win the item you can use buy it now and get all of the bids you lost in the auction back to your account. All you have to do is buy the auction at the full price within 7 days of the auction end date and you will get your bids back instantly.
For any questions feel free to post them below!
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