Tips to Stay in the Auction


Finding yourself in a difficult auction happens to all of us sometimes. You have to figure out the best way to stay in the auction. Here are some tips from DealDash.

Are you “In it to win it” when you play in DealDash auctions, or are you just wasting some idle free time? I would guess that you’re “In it to win it” because otherwise, why bother? Being committed to every auction that you enter goes a long way towards winning more auctions. If you need a little bit of help staying in the auction when times get tough, here are some tips to help.

Take a Break

Yes, taking a break might seem counterintuitive, but it can really work well in some cases. If you’re in an auction and have placed a few bids before the $5 No Jumper cut off then you’re safe as long as there are multiple bidders still going at it. If you see that there are over 5 bidders still bidding “hot and heavy” against each other, then I would feel secure in taking a little break. Of course, the joke might be on you and all of them stop bidding at the same time, but when there are at least 5 people bidding it’s unlikely that the auction will end within the next 15-30 minutes. Sometimes you just need to take a little break to clear your head and renew your concentration.

Take a Break (With Your Buddy)

If you don’t feel secure in canceling your bids to take a break, then be sure to load up your BidBuddy with enough bids to reach the BIN (But It Now) price. For example, if you really feel like you need a short break, but there are only 3 bidders bidding then be sure to do it this way. You’d feel terrible if you took a quick bathroom and snack break only to come back and see that someone else won. Be safe, take a break with your best bud – BidBuddy.

Not Too Far In?

How many bids have you spent on this auction thus far? If you’ve spent less than 100 you might want to think about backing out if you’re having a tough time. I know that I can tell when I am definitely not going to win. It’s just a feeling that I get. However, there could be other reasons why you feel like you’re definitely not going to win, such as running low on bids, running out of time to bid before you need to leave your house, or perhaps a new bidder entered the auction that you have dealt with in the past and don’t wish to bid against again. No matter what the reason, there’s no shame in canceling your bids and looking for a different auction. DealDash often offers the same item within a few days of each other, maybe you’ll have more luck in the next one!

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