DealDash Reviews: Payment System has the most convenient and fastest payment system I have ever used online.

With all the user-friendly payment options available, I find it very simple to navigate and use the DealDash payment system. To make payments for bid packs, auction wins or Buy-It-Now orders, customers can use PayPal or any major credit card (VISA, Maser Card, American Express or Discover). If I click on Pay Pal, I have the option to “stay logged-in with one-touch” so all of my information will already be there, in case I need to use it again soon.




Best of all, I know that my financial information is also well protected, safe and secure. Only the last four numbers of my bank account and credit card numbers show up, and I must always sign-in with my password.

If I am low on bids while participating in an auction, I might only have a few seconds to purchase and add more bids. When this happens, the speed and ease of making payment transactions can be very important. It could determine whether I win or lose.

This is why I truly appreciate the speed and ease of making payments on

Submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers