Holiday Safety Tips: Deals on Home Security Devices

With holiday festivities in full-force and Christmas just two days away it’s important to take steps to protect your home, car and belongings this season. Here are a few pr-ecautions you can take this Christmas season, especially if you are going out of town on vacation!
1. Do not leave anything valuable in your car.
2. Better yet, keep your car clean so that when someone looks in it they see nothing… Put all jackets, blankets, etc. in the trunk, a thief could think something is hidden under them and break in any way.
3. Leave lights on + a radio at your home before you leave town.
4. Put a hold on your mail to pick it up after you return.
5. Don’t leave newspapers out on doorstep – call to hold this too.
6. Bring in any trash containers
7. Put curtains up on your windows
8. Hide valuables
9. Get a safe.
10. Set up a security system
11. Set up a wireless USB camera to monitor your home while away.
12. Get a new NEST thermostat to control your heat when away.
13. Bid on DealDash + save!
“Unfortunately our criminals may not have the money to go get Christmas presents for their families so they find illegal ways of doing that,” said Bryan Police Department Public Information Officer Kelley McKethan.
DealDash offers a few items that can help you protect your belongings from theft!
Sentry Safes – File Safe or this 0.4 cubic ft security safe!

This SentrySafe Model 1170 Fire-Safe Security File will keep your documents safe while helping you organize them. Survivacast insulation surrounds your contents in this fire proof safe for fire-rated protection. This fire safe’s lid and body are designed to weld together in a fire, forming an airtight seal to protect the contents. Big enough to hold file folders to help organize documents and with a key lock for privacy, the SentrySafe Model 1170 Fire-Safe Security File is the compact and convenient way to keep your documents organized and safe.

The last security safe sold with a final end price of $0.49! It retails for $69!
sentry safe sentry safe 2

DealDash also offers this Trademark Home 72-0795 strobe security system features a motion detector that senses movement up to 30′ away and a 120dB alarm to startle would-be intruders and alert others in the area. The adjustable wall-mount bracket allows simple installation. Last sold for $1.04!

motion detectorDon’t let your home get burglarized this holiday season! Take these tips and put them to good use! Bid on security items at DealDash!
Stay safe, follow these safety tips!