Tips to Have a Good Time on DealDash


Have you ever wanted to know the secret of having a good time on DealDash? Read on for more information from the DealDash Tips Blog.

Some people are on DealDash for the discounts, other people are on DealDash because they saw the TV commercials. Personally, I am on DealDash for the good times. As a stay-at-home-mom, I don’t really get very much excitement or good times in my daily routine, so I sign into DealDash to enjoy some good times bidding, strategizing, and winning on DealDash. Here are some ways that I have noticed that DealDash provides good times for everyone.


It doesn’t really get better when it comes to good times than getting free bids. No matter if you’re getting free bids by just showing up a placing a bid, or whether you’re earning free bids by saving up time on your time clock as the highest bidder (TATHB) free bids are all over the place on DealDash.

Another way that you can get free bids from DealDash is by taking selfies with some of your wins and posting them to the DealDash Facebook page and other social media sites. In addition to getting some free bids that way, you will also be entered to win the weekly 1,000 free bids contest.

Planning, Plotting, and Strategizing

I am a big planner. If I know that I am going on vacation in 3 months, I start planning what I am going to pack, and what activities that I am going to do. It’s the same on DealDash. If I know that I am going to need a new computer soon, or luggage for that upcoming vacation, I like to plot and plan early. I find that planning a trip or a purchase is almost as fun as going on that trip or making that purchase. However, if I plot and plan early, then I get even more enjoyment out of it.

Getting That Big Win

Of course, the best times spent on DealDash are winning the items that you want! I have personally won many, many items over the years. The thrill of seeing your name and the fireworks when you win really never gets old. It’s such a fun surprise, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. If you want to have more good times on DealDash, then you’re just going to have to win more. How can you win more? By following all of the blogs that DealDash writes, because there are always tips and tricks to win located inside the articles.

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