DealDash Tips – Do You Like Free Bids?


DealDash loves to offer its customers free bids. There are many ways to get them. If you’d like to learn how to get free bids from DealDash, read on.

DealDash is a fun place to bid and shop. DealDash has everything that you could ever want to fill your home, give as gifts, and to use outside in your yard. Do you know what else DealDash has for their loyal bidders? It’s no secret that DealDash loves their customers, and they like to show their appreciation by giving away free bids. Getting free bids on DealDash is easy, fun, and fast. You’ll want to read the rest of this article to learn how to get your bids.

Simply Bid, Ya’ll!

The easiest way to get bids is to just bid in auctions like you normally would. For every second that you are the highest bidder in each and every auction on DealDash you will earn free bids. The DealDash lingo term for this is called “Time As Highest Bidder (TAHB). You can earn approximately 8 seconds or so per bid that you use on DealDash. This is, of course, assuming that other bidders are either using the BidBuddy or waiting to bid until your Time As The Highest Bidder has run down.

Using DealDash Promotions to Get Free Bids

Getting your TATHB is as simple as just biding, and when your meter has filled and you reach the next level, your Bid Meter will light up. Once you have clicked it, the bids are deposited directly into your account. Do you know what’s better than using TATHB to get free bids? Using TATHB in conjunction with a DealDash promotion! DealDash often has promotions that multiply the free bids by 2x, 3x, 4x and sometimes on special occasions, 5x the free bids!

Exchange Your Wins for Bids


Do you ever find yourself bidding on things that you don’t actually need? I don’t really recommend doing that because you should save your bids for things that you really want. However, if you just feel the urge to bid on a particular item and end up winning it but decide that you don’t want it you can exchange it for free bids. The DealDash bid exchange rate is approximately one bid per 50 cents to a dollar for the retail value of the item. Occasionally I will bid on clothing that DealDash offers, and I often find that once I win I realize the item won’t fit the person I had in mind. However, this isn’t a problem, because you can always exchange the item for bids. Once you get those bids you can use them immediately on other auctions.

Bid Each and Every Day

My favorite way to get free bids is to come to DealDash every day and place a few bids. It doesn’t have to be a lot, you can just throw 5 or 10 or 20 bids onto an auction, and you will get free bids every day. You can start this process any day, and you will get a few bids on the first day. On each consecutive days you bid you will receive a few more, and then for every day that you continue to bid you will get  more bids. Isn’t that amazing?

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