DealDash Top Tips Round-Up for April 20th


Welcome to the newest April edition of DealDash Weekly Top Tips Round-Up! As we do every single week, we will round-up the top tips for you from the week before. Read on for many helpful tricks from DealDash Tips.

Welcome to the newest edition in the DealDash Top Tip Round-Up series for the month of April. In this helpful and informative weekly series, we highlight the most helpful tips from the week before. This series is all about DealDash knowledge for all bidders on DealDash, new or old. Read on for a recap of the best tips from last week, from the DealDash Tips Blog.

Check for Promotions from the April 14th Blog

The theme of April 14th’s blog was all about promotions on DealDash. The top tip of that blog was to be sure that you check for promotions every day on DealDash. There are many different promotions on DealDash, and one that frequently comes up is the Time As The Highest Bidder promo. Here is a great tip on placing bids from that blog:

“When you see a promotion that says 2X, 3X, 4X, or sometimes even 5X, that is a special day! That means that for every second that you are the highest bidder you won’t just get 1 second on your meter, you will get 2, 3, 4, or even 5(!) seconds towards your free bids. ”

This tip will earn you tons of free bids if you take advantage of it.

Subscribe to All DealDash Blogs from the April 16th Blog

The blog on April 16th was a reminder that this is not the only blog that DealDash sponsors. There are three blogs and a lot to learn about DealDash! From the blog:

The next blog that you’ll want to subscribe to is This is a lifestyle blog that is published daily and has many helpful articles about home and garden, kids and parenting, cooking, crafts, and lots of other things. 

The last blog is the official This blog is not published on a set schedule, it’s for the employees of DealDash to tell their customers about new features, upcoming events, and other official information.

If you’d like to read that article in its full form, just click this link right here.

Shop at the Right Time from the April 17th Blog

The blog on April 17th was a helpful primer on making time to shop on DealDash. There were lots of helpful tips from Barbara, here is a snippet:

  1. Choose a time of night or day when we will not be disturbed or distracted by other interruptions.
  2. Choose a time of night or day when the competition might be lower than normal.
  3. Choose a time of night or day when we are not overly tired and can stay awake and alert.

Want to read the whole article? Just click here.

Keep Track of Your Tips from the April 18th Blog

The blog on April 18th was a reminder that you shouldn’t just read information on DealDash, you should write down the important tips! There are a lot of tips and tricks to learn about DealDash! From the blog:

I suggest writing down tips as you learn them. It can be on paper, or you could keep a “DealDash Tips” file on your computer, or you could even email them to yourself to look at and think about later. When you have amassed a bunch of tips, pick your top three, or a few that are hard for you to remember in the moment. 

Want to read the whole blog and be informed? Just click here.

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I hope that you found this DealDash Tips article with some top tips for April 20th was helpful. Following these tips can help you win auctions on DealDash. There’s no reason not to give them a try!

Remember to check the DD Tips blog daily, because you can never learn too much about DealDash or bidding. And come back here each and every week for the newest edition of the DealDash Top Tips Round-Up.

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