Share Good Ideas at DealDash!

I’ve read that nothing ever stays the same. Everything is growing and getting better, or it is dying and getting worse. That also applies to online shopping sites like

That is why the DealDash support team continually looks for ways to keep its shopping site fun, fresh and exciting. Sometimes we get good ideas while shopping on DealDash, too. Why not share some of those good ideas with the DealDash support team?

When we are shopping on DealDash, we see everything from a different angle–from a customer’s perspective. Therefore, we could also play an important role in helping to make DealDash continue to grow into an even better shopping site.

Good ideas are meant to be shared, and we never know if our good ideas might be implemented. Our good ideas could end up helping everyone. It cannot happen, however, unless we are willing to put our ideas in writing and share them with the DealDash support staff. Here are some things we could do:

  • If we see a problem, offer possible solutions and report it.
  • If we get an idea for an exciting new feature, suggest it.
  • If we have ideas for new products we would like to see, suggest them.

In fact, I just got another idea. Perhaps DealDash could have a “Best Idea Contest.”  We could all have a part in helping to keep this shopping site fun and exciting if we could win free bids for sending in the “best idea of the month.”  What do you think?

Sponsored blog post submitted by: Barbara L. Sellers                                                          Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.