Tips for Your DealDash Weekend

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Ready for some DealDash bidding this weekend? Read on for some tips to keep in mind.

It’s Friday and the weekend is coming up fast. Have you looked ahead on DealDash to see what sorts of auctions are coming up so you can be prepared? It’s always a good idea to be prepared when it comes to DealDash bidding. If you’ve been keeping up with the Tips Blog then you are probably prepared. However, if you’ve missed some articles, then you’re going to need to brush up on your DealDash knowledge. Learn more down below.

Stick to Your Budget

This is the beginning of the month, so those of you who have set up a monthly DealDash budget are probably ready to buy some bids. If you haven’t yet set up your monthly DealDash bidding budget, then now is the time. Setting up a monthly bidding budget might seem a little bit silly if you’re a casual bidder, but it just makes good financial sense.

Keep Calm, Keep Bidding

Hopefully, you have a fun time on DealDash and enjoy your time bidding. I know that bidding in an auction can be exciting, but try and keep calm while you’re bidding. If you get too excited then you might make bad decisions that result in you losing more bids than you have to. Keep calm, be smart about your bidding, and you’ll win plenty of auctions.

Try New Things on DealDash

You can bid the same way on DealDash every time. However, a better (and more fun) idea would be to change up your bidding on DealDash. If you normally bid in the morning before work, then try bidding late at night. Try bidding in a different category than you typically bid in. If you normally do single bids, then use the BidBuddy. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and the more things that you try on DealDash, the more fun and excitement you will have.

Don’t Forget to Check on Bid Prices

As you probably know, bid prices fluctuate from day to day. It’s only by a few cents here or there, but if you are buying a larger bid pack it really adds up to a huge difference. By checking in on the bid prices on DealDash every single day, you’ll have a good idea of when you should buy a large bid pack or whether you should wait a few more days.

Thanks for Reading

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