DealDash Tips to Be a Better Bidder


You’re a great bidder, but nobody’s perfect. Here are some DealDash tips to keep in mind when you’re bidding.

If you have a naturally excited personality then try to remember to remain calm when bidding against tough competition. Trust me, no matter how many times you jump up and down and yell at your computer it isn’t going to make you win any more auctions. Staying calm while bidding can save you bids, and possibly even money on health care, since your blood pressure won’t be so high if you remain calm!

I have seen many bidders spend more bids than they should have to win an item on DealDash because they are too excited and just can’t stop bidding. If you are an easily excited or emotional bidder and have a hard time knowing when to throw in the towel on an auction then it is quite likely that you are going to lose money. Easily excited and emotional bidders are much more likely to overspend their bid budget than bidders who remain calm and don’t let the auctions stress them out.

Another thing to keep in mind while you’re bidding in DealDash auctions is that if you have already put in a few bids and you can tell that there are numerous BidBuddies doing battle amongst themselves then it’s okay to drop out of the auction for a bit and watch the action. If you see the number of BidBuddies decrease quickly, then you might want to get back into the auction so you don’t lose out on the item. If you do happen to lose out on an auction, never fear – DealDash frequently repeats items if they proved to be popular. Simply do a search for the item that you are interested in, open up the product page, and click the “Alert Me” button. Then when the item is available for auction again DealDash will send you a quick email to let you know.

If you need to drop out of an auction for a bit because you need to leave your computer and you don’t want to load up your BidBuddy, then you should definitely download the free DealDash app. When you have the DealDash app downloaded on your phone you can keep an eye on your auction while you are out so you don’t have to stay glued to your computer. If you haven’t downloaded the DealDash app yet, then follow these links to download the Android or iOS app:

Here is the Android version on Google Play –

Here is the iOS version in the App store –

Thanks for reading the blog today, we appreciate your interest in DealDash and your quest for DealDash knowledge. Just click on this link to go to DealDash to browse auctions, set BidBuddies, bookmark auctions, and more. Now go visit DealDash and see how much you can save. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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