DealDash Tips = A Happy Weekend


Happy weekend everyone! Here are some tips to get through your weekend with a little help from DealDash.

The weekend is a great time for most people, it’s fun to be able to spend time with family and friends. Sometimes, though, the weekend is full of chores and cleaning that you weren’t able to get to during your busy week. Thankfully, DealDash is here to keep you entertained and help save you time and money. Here are some ways that DealDash can assist you in making your weekend great.

Don’t Go Out to Shop, Stay In!

I feel like I spend too much time in the car on the weekend, going from this store to that store and all of the stores in-between. With a big family including pets, I have to go to a variety of stores each weekend to stock up on the things that we need.

For example, this weekend I need to get my cats new beds, which means a trip to the pet store. My daughter is in need of new sheets, and my boys are in need of new towels. Not to mention my husband who asked me to pick him up a new pair of dress shoes. Going to all of these different stores would take up a good chunk of my Saturday. However, DealDash offers all of these items for auction! Isn’t that amazing? DealDash has all of these different things all in one place – online!

Bid and Win or BIN

As I mentioned above, I need a multitude of different items for my family. I definitely need to buy all of these items, so it makes sense to bid on them on DealDash. You see, if you bid on an item on DealDash and you don’t win you can pay the retail price and Buy It Now (BIN). You will get all of your bids back, and even free shipping, too! Since I am going to buy the items anyway it just makes good sense that I should try to win them on DealDash. I’ve been bidding and BINning on DealDash for many years now, and I have received almost every item within a few days.

Shopping on DealDash is Better

Bidding and BINning on DealDash can save you time, money, and aggravation. Personally, I don’t care for driving, it makes me nervous. This is why I love to shop online instead, so I don’t have to deal with Boston traffic, finding a parking spot, or dealing with other shoppers. I can win or BIN an item from the comfort of my own home and have it delivered right to my door in a few days. Sounds like win-win to me!

Thanks for Reading the Blog

Spending your weekend bidding on DealDash is a great experience. Use these tips from the DealDash Tips Blog to get through the weekend with no stress or aggravation from having to go out and shop.

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