Three Simple Tips to Win at DealDash!

Strategy is an ever evolving event on DealDash.  I have spent many hours taking notes and learning about my competition, but it never seems to fail, just when I have one guy figured out, there are three more new ones to figure out.  This means, don’t underestimate the newbie.  They may or may not have been watching.  Newbies tend to take liberties that a seasoned player has given up on.  For example, they like to overbid, this can happen two ways, 1. They bid after every person, doubling the amount of bids they place, and 2. They stay in an auction waaaay to long.  The auction should have been won by someone, but this newbie stays over his welcome.  That’s a good time to let them have it.  Yes, I mean let the auction go, you will be relieved you didn’t spend another 200 bids on a 15 dollar item.  They are one item closer to their winning limit.
The Bid Buddy is the best defense against any opponent.  You can sit and manually enter bids,or you can set up your Bid Buddy and go about your day.  I have found that setting my BB, gives me freedom and energy.   I will go do some chores after I set it, and while I do, knowing my Bid Buddy it ticking away, I work faster, get more done and run back to the computer often. Sothe Bid Buddy is your friend in more ways than one!
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Don’t underestimate planning! If you just bought a Bid Pack, the worst idea is to march onto the auction site and start pouncing down bids on every item available.  You will soon be out of bids and sorely disappointed by the guy who planned on being in the auction, only has one or two auctions and is planning to buy the item if they don’t win.  Be conservative!  Planning is simple at Deal Dash and only requires you to go shopping!  Look through your favorite categories, find items you want and need, make a list and then get involved!
The three most important things about playing and winning at Deal Dash are these simple tips: know the competition, use your Bid Buddy, and plan your shopping needs to win the items you want and need.  Finally, one bit of advice, don’t be stubborn, walk away from an auction if you have to.  Once in awhile, I will just do it to be kind, it makes you feel good.  I just picture the person on the other end throwing their hands up in the air yelling “YES!”, that’s what I do, then I do my happy fireworks dance.
DealDash is so much fun, they have great prices on retail items and you can get great deals when you win an auction.  But you never have to go away empty handed at DealDash, if you don’t win, you can buy it and get all your bids back!  Win- Win!
Happy Bidding!!!
Donna, customer since 2014.