Hurray! It's Here, The Holiday Season at DealDash!

I was thrilled to see all the new holiday items when I went shopping at DealDash the other day!  Everyone and their Grandmother is preparing for this joyous time of year and what a better way to prepare than to go to DealDash!  I love the sales this season and the merchandise is great!
When I was a young girl, during the holiday season, my family would gather around the projector screen and view family photos or movies from years past, it always gave us all something to laugh at, and I love seeing the hairstyles change! So, what a surprise when I found the screens and projectors right on the DealDash site.  This is a great way to make family memories together and enjoy revisiting the past.

They range in price from $500 to 1000 and that is a good thing because the variety works for everyone’s budget.  It will also reduce the number of people bidding in the lower value item, as a general rule, the higher the value of the item, the more people who will be bidding in the auction.  So now that I have decided on items to bid on, I plan.  I let DealDash help me with the “Alert Me” feature that you can find in the search bar.  Simply type in an item you are interested in finding, when the search pops up click on the items and at the bottom of that page you can select, Alert Me and you will be notified prior to the auction.

What do you get for the people on your list you just can’t decide for.  They either have everything already or may not really like to accept a gift that isn’t useful.   That’s when I go to the “Gift Basket” and DealDash has them.  What better way to give a little love than with food!  I plan on going after several of these over the next few weeks, I have found one that is fairly priced, retail, so if I don’t win it, I can always BIN it.  (Buy It Now feature) If I use the BIN feature, I will get all the bids used back to try for another one, which I know is coming because I used the “Alert Me” feature.
My old roaster pan was worn out so I knew where to go to find one, among the thousands of items I found the greatest roaster pan and a chafing dish as well.  When you bid on items that you know you are willing to BIN, you are literally investing in your future because for every bid you place you rack up free bids, the more you bid, the more fee bids.  You could be lucky enough to get a 3X meter, which DealDash does from time to time giving you three times the amount of free bids.
No matter who you are, there is a child on your list.  DealDash has provided every gift I needed for every occasion since I started shopping and playing on the site.  So why not treat the children on your list.   Whether it is your child or a niece or nephew, you can find the right gift for them.  It would be exciting if  you won them a video game system and you only paid $50 for it!  That happens, but be sure you are willing to buy it, so if a video game system isn’t in your budget, go for the other variety of toys from just a few dollars to under $100.

I don’t stop at gifts and everyday items, I love all the decorations you can find this time of year.  It’s great to know that every item you buy at DealDash is SHIPPED FREE! So I never have to think about using my gas or time to go to the store for items I have to run all over town for.  I can just find it at DD and I’m a happy shopper!

Plan, plan, plan! I just outlined my next couple of weeks of fun at DealDash, I shop, then I bid.  Every gift and every item you bid for is investing in your future, so stock up on bids and have your shopping list ready!
Happy Bidding!!
Donna, DealDash customer since 2014.