This Weekend’s Sale At DealDash

One of the things I love most about DealDash is that they like to change the sales daily, it keeps it fun and interesting.   Every weekend they feature a new and fun way for us to get a great deal.  The weekends are busy, and DealDash rewards the crowd with great sales.  

This weekend Friday January 29, 2016 DealDash is having an “End Of Month Clearance Sale.”  Bids will be only .13 cents each and 50 auctions will start at 2PM.  This is a fun frenzy of bidding and many items go for just pennies!  It’s is a great event if you like the pace, it’s fast with a lot of coming and going.  I often opt out of this sale going for the opposite, items that might not be in the clearance or involved with the sale.  The strategy here is there will be less people in the opposite auctions.  Oh! Did I mention that DealDash will be rewarding us with 3X the free bids with your Bid Meter.  Every second you are high bidder in any auction DealDash rewards you with free bids, when your meter is full, click on it and your free bids are immediately deposited into your account!  

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This Saturday January 30, 2016 the sale continues with 3 times the free bids.  Bids are still .13 cents but 75 auctions will start at 2 PM.  When bids are only .13 cents it’s a great time to stock up on them, you get a great value in bid packs at this price.  

I keep a “wish list” of items I plan on  going after during the 3X sale, this is my favorite sale because I am rewarded exponentially for every bid.  It’s a good time to go for the big prize because it requires more bids and the more bids you use, the more free bids you get.  If you’ve racked up a ton of bids and you don’t win it, you not only get your bids back if you buy it, you also have three times the free bids just for participating in the auction. Win-Win!

So, Friday and Saturday January 29 – 30, 2016 bids are only .13 cents, you’ll get 3 X the free bids for every bid you place.  On Friday 50 auctions at 2PM and Saturday there will be 75 auctions at 2 PM!

Whether you like to get into the frenzy, or go to the opposite, you’ll have fun racking up all those free bids during this DealDash Clearance Event.

If you haven’t stopped by the DealDash Facebook page now is a great time to do that. Like and Follow the site.  DealDash will follow you too, then you will get all the notifications about sales, events and my favorite other players posts.  Here you get a chance to see who your are bidding against, I’ve even seen the person who won an auction I was trying to win.  But once it’s over, no hard feelings, we’re all here for a great deal!  See you at DealDash

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

Donna, DealDasher since 2014.