Sales at DealDash – Fri. Sat. Sun.

Every month at DealDash at the end of the month they have a “Clearance Sale”, what that means for us is they release a ton of inventory all at once!  I love this sale, it is a fun frenzy of bidding for about a half hour.  A few people will win items for a few pennies, others for . 45 cents and then $1.00 and so on.

Once the auctions reach a couple of dollars, they are the same as any other auction, and that burst of bidding during the Clearance is FUN, FUN, FUN!!

This weekend at DealDash is the “End of Month Clearance”.  March 18, 19 and 20, 2016 will have bids between .12 and .14 cents!  This is a perfect time to stock up on bids  to go for that special prize you’ve been dreaming of.  When you can buy the bids for .12 cents you save .03 cents on the average price, so on an item worth $1000 it’s a $30.00 savings!!


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The lower the retail price the better the deal.  Let’s say you buy 200 bids, you go for a $18 time and didn’t win after 120 bids, now, buy the item for $18 and get ALL your bids back, that is every bids you used in the auction.  William, the founder of DealDash is one of the most generous genius’ I’ve ever heard of!  I’ve seen him in videos and he is a young and intelligent entrepreneur who went to a bidding site one day and lost a handful of cash bidding on an item.  He felt empty and at that moment he decided to start a bidding site of his own where the player NEVER has to walk away empty-handed, if you don’t win, buy it and get your bids back to go for another item.  This is a win-win situation. Kudos to William and yay for us!! this is a generous offer.

If you would like to meet William Wolfram, check out his Ted Talk and realize his brilliance for yourself!

So, this weekend you can buy bids for .12 to .14 cents each, but what else you ask?  That is a given. On Friday 3/18/16 25 auctions start at 3PM, on Saturday 3/19/16 50 auctions start at 3PM and on Sunday 3/20/16 75 auctions start at 3PM.  So, as you can see the End Of Month Clearance Sale at DealDash is worthy of visiting and will give you many, many chances to win an item of only pennies!

Never forget these two thing in addition to this, 1. every item is shipped free 2. every bid earns you free bids!

I hope to see you in the auctions this weekend for .12 to .14 cent bids and multiple auctions starting at 3PM all weekend!!! WOOHOO! A DealDash clearance is our win!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!