Throw a Summer Soiree for Less with DealDash

beverage coolerLooking for fun ways to throw your next summer soiree? Check out these items on DealDash that can help you make the most of your midsummer bash!
The NewAir 126 Can Beverage Cooler is a great way to keep soda, wine, beer and water cool  for your next party!real sugar pepsiNot into soda with yucky high-fructose corn syrup? For a limited time Pepsi-Cola has recently rolled out with their series of Pepsi drinks in regular, wild cherry and vanilla all using real sugar instead of corn syrup! The buy-it-now price on this DealDash auction item is $382. The auction is going on right now over at DealDash for more auctions like it be sure to use the search bar on
Check out Sandy’s Summer Soiree on the Food Network for fun summer party food recipes  Sandy’s summer menu features Grilled Pork Chops with Stone Fruit Salsa, Whole Tomatoes stuffed with Caprese Salad, Chocolate Chip Shortcake with Mixed Berries and for cocktail time, nothing refreshes faster than Watermelon Martini! Plus a fast and easy Round Two Recipe for Grilled Pizza. 
Host the perfect dinner party outside in the shade with a deal on this auction for a brand new Ozark Trail Instant 10×10 Straight Leg Canopy Gazebo.

canopy ozark trail deals
These items look like a lot of fun and you really want to win more on DealDash- right?
Keep these 4 tips in mind next time you bid!
-1. Don’t wait until the last 2 seconds to bid. Bid sooner.
-2. Use bid buddy! Set a few and watch your bids fire without even having to click bid!
-3. Buy bids when they are on sale! Bid sales have brought bids down to as low as $0.14 a bid sometimes even lower! Be sure to stock up and save!
-4. Use Buy it Now! When you bid and don’t win make sure you use buy it now to get your bids back and buy the item.
When the sun goes down on your outside summer party be sure to have a Fire Sense All Weather Wicker Patio Heater to keep everyone toasty warm and still be able to talk the night away! This patio heater retails at $207 but the last few auctions for it on have sold for $15.53 $71.16, and $34.13!
ruckus outdoor speakerAn outdoor party wouldn’t be complete without music! Check out these outdoor rocklike speakers on
Ruckus 6 One 6 and 1/2 inch 80W Outdoor Speakers buy it now for $130 – the last one sold for under $2.20!
Be sure to pick up a grill too! Win a deal on one on – plus this awesome potato rack will ensure your potatoes are crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside!
This Char Broil Gas Grill sells for $122 on DealDash with buy it now + free shipping! Don’t worry about having to haul a every grill to your car from the store plus you could win it for less.
potato grill rack char broil grill
Grilled salmon is a delicious, healthy treat. Check out this recipe for Pan Seared Salmon with Avocado Remoulade.
For more summer fun auctions check out the deals on!