Graduation Party Made Easy With DealDash!

April will soon be coming to an end, before you know it your kids will be out of school and the older bunch will be graduating-  that can only mean one thing: Graduation season is upon us! If you’re the parent planning the graduation, I know you’re probably more stressed about your soon-to-be-grad’s milestone and making the party a success that you’re too busy to get excited about it. Don’t let the planning or the expense of the party get you down. You have to just be strategic and follow our list of grad party essentials and how you can get them at a discount by bidding on DealDash!
1. Invite people & set a date!
First of all, start working on a list. Invite family from both sides, neighbors, family friends, the graduates friends, teaches, coaches, church or organization friends. Once you’ve got your guest list you will have a better feel for how many people will stop by at the grad party. Summer’s on the weekend can be busy with grad parties and many people who have graduates or are friends of a graduate will frequently visit more than one party on a weekend in the summer, so make your’s a memorable event!
2. Plan the party! 
This is really half the fun, ok so you’re not the planning type and don’t know where to begin…
You’re going to need tables & chairs, and maybe even one of those big party tents. You could rent these items from a party supply store, or you start by collecting folding chair wins on DealDash. Coming up soon (4/24) is a set of four metal folding chairs ( , bid and win a few of these and there you have it, seating for all! Ok, well – you can also buy-it now on Dealdash at $186 for the four, but it’s even more fun to win them for just a few bids. So bookmark these and bid away!

folding chairs

Not too excited by the idea of chairs arriving with the daily mail – now for the fun!
You know those big inflatable bouncy castle houses?
bazoongi bouncy castle deals cheap
Yeah, you might want to rent one or win one the next time you see one on DealDash, they’re a hit with all of the kids – not yet graduating age, but maybe it will be just another thing to help them want to stay in school and get their diploma, yeah they will remember that bouncy castle when they graduate too. But if you want to be non-traditional and have the most rockin’ party in town you could win this Gemmy Deluxe Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen on DealDash. 12 foot and 16:9 widescreen, it’s actually self-inflatable thanks to a built-in fan, it’s so much easier to put up than you’d think!  The speakers and projector are not included, so you’d have to get those separate (you can win these on DealDash, too). inflatable outdoor movie screen
Get notified of upcoming inflatable movie screen auctions and deals on DealDash.
Create an outdoor dance floor and line it in rope lights. Win this awesome Karaoke machine from DealDash, set up an outdoor dance floor, add lights, maybe even rope lights around the dance floor and get your groove on!
Karaoke MachineVocoPro Gigstar Jam-Along Karaoke System – Buy it now value $300 – the most recent one sold for only $0.98 on DealDash. 
Next – you have your nighttime entertainment, what are you going to do about the most important part?
A fun food machine is a MUST have at any party, especially a graduation party.
-Cotton Candy Machine
cotton candy machine
Great Northern Popcorn Vortex Cotton Candy Floss Machine – -Buy it now price is $317 on DealDash See more at: Great Northen Popcorn Vortex Cotton Candy Floss Machine
Popcorn Maker

  • pcorn machine

Great Northern Popcorn Eight Ounce Antique Popcorn Machine – Buy it now on DealDash for $209, or win it by bidding! 
Tacos, burgers, pasta salads, sloppy joes – all are popular at graduation parties.
Make sure you have what you need as far as serving these foods.
Crock pots are great to keep taco meat or sloppy joe filling hot! hamilton beach slowcookerBid and score deals on Slow Cookers on DealDash. This particular slow cooker just sold on DealDash with a final end price of $0.69 -69 bids!
You could even try to serve something less traditional like pre-packaged falafels, pitas and hummus with grape leaves, tabboleh salad or other fares with an ethnic flare. Or just keep it simple with 6 foot party subs from Subway (a lot of people are picky and most like Subway.). 6 foot party sub subway
Did you know that you can save money on these awesome Subway party subs and cookie platters, too? Bid and win a few Subway gift cards on DealDash. Check them out – deals on $25 Subway gift cards + 20 bids auctions.
Throwing a graduation party? What are you going to offer?
Good luck & happy bidding! If you have any questions about DealDash be sure to let us know!