DealDash Tips to Win Grills

Kingsford Barrel BBQ Grill

As we head into Spring it will soon be time to cook out on the grill. Here are some tips to win grills from DealDash.

Grilling outdoors in the Spring, Summer, and Fall is a wonderful (and delicious) family activity. Would you rather have a dried out steak that’s been under the broiler or a wonderful juicy steak straight from the grill? There’s just no comparison! Do you know what makes grilled food taste even better? If you won your grill for an awesome price from DealDash. Here are some of our top tips for winning grills.

Choose Your Grill

Before doing any bidding on DealDash you’ll want to do your research and choose the best grill for your needs. There are quite a few different choice of grills on DealDash. Before you invest your time and your bids you should research which one is perfect for you. Some of the choices on DealDash include a barrel BBQ grill, a charcoal camper grill, and indoor grill, and more.

Pick the Best Auction

DealDash often offers the same item within days or weeks of each other. Once you have figured out exactly which grill that you would like to win then choose the day and time that suits your needs. Typically auctions that start very early in the morning or very late at night on weeknights tend to end at a lower price. However, you never know what’s going to happen in a DealDash auction! It’s completely up to the bidders – it could sell for one penny or for retail price, you never know!

Just BIN It if You Need it

If you are really in need of a new grill hopefully you will win. Sometimes no matter how much you need an item someone else wants it more, and you don’t win the auction. Losing an auction isn’t the end of the world because DealDash offers the BIN option. You can always BIN (Buy It Now), and pay retail price for the item and receive all of your bids back. Not only will you receive your item, all of your bids back, and get to keep the clock time that you accrued while bidding, you will also receive free shipping. When we are talking about a large item such as a grill, you will actually save yourself some trouble by BINning it from DealDash. This way you won’t have to go to the store to pick it up. The UPS man will bring it right to your doorstep!

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