The Best Deals on Everything You Want – DealDash July 10th-17th

Do you like winning prizes? Sometimes it’s not easy to win a prize drawing, right? It’s not always easy to win on DealDash either – but this entertaining shopping site has been around for a few years and every day users are getting great deals.
How does DealDash work and why is it that users are able to get great deals? 
There’s always one winner on an auction, and while the winner may be able to get an item at a discount DealDash makes money from the culmination of bids spent on that one item by multiple users. Do they make a huge killing of a profit on each and every item? No- but the site has been pretty profitable allowing them to offer high quality, brand new items for everyone. Plus, you don’t lose if you don’t want to. You can get all of the bids you placed in an auction back into your account to try to win something else another time if you use buy it now. So for instance, this item here for a Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered By TomTom with Sensor. nike + sport watch will only be won by one bidder at – if you were bidding and decided you wanted the item still, wouldn’t mind paying the $144 retail  perhaps you had already spent $80 in bids that you wanted to reclaim – you can buy it for the retail price and get your bids back to bid and try to win other items. Great deal if you want the item you are bidding on and don’t want to walk away with your bids gone. It’s totally up to you. Since you are spending money each time you bid, and then again buy buy it now you may not want to for every item, but it can be a great idea.

Yesterday, July 16th this awesome Huffy 26-Inch Cranbrook Women’s Cruiser valued at $108 sold to yvonnemonique for $4.38!
On July 15th, WINITorBINIT won this Magic Bullet Blender for only $7.45! Valued at $70 the Magic Bullet allows you
Juto make healthy meals/shakes anywhere you’re able to plug in to electric!
magic bulletJuly 14th rchapman4697 won the Roku 2 Streaming player for only 1 bid – just one! and a final end price of $0.09! Whoa!? He won the Roku 2 Streaming media player for less than $0.50 total!? Incredible? You could too. You have to play to win!
July 13th pway won this HoMedics Perfect Steam Commercial Garment Steamer! Look professional in clean-pressed clothing. The final bid – end price was just $2.83 – retails for $72!
garment steamer deals
July 12th – “Bald and tatooed” funny status message, crobs1 won the iLive Bluetooth speaker system for iPod/iPhone or iPad for $5.71. Valued at $107 – what a great deal! Even if crobs1 spent half of the bids say 200 at $0.16 each the most he could’ve spent would be less than $40!
Don’t be envious of your neighbors perfectly manicured lawn – clean up your own yard and be the talk of the neighborhood with this new Earthwise 18 Volt Cordless blower!  Won by Teich for just $1.84 on July 11th. This leaf blower will definitely come in handy when you need to clean up grass clippings or leaves once summer takes a turn…leaf-blower-deals
Protect your phone with one of the very best smartphone cases on the market – the OtterBox Defender Series Case. This one for the iPhone 4 and 4S sold for just $0.63!

So go over and try and let us know what you think of it. Win, lose? Either way remember you can use buy it now! Wishing you good luck and success!