Store with Sterilite

Consumers do exactly as their name implies. We consume. We buy things for both practical and personal reasons. We fill our homes and make them our own. And with all that accumulation of this assorted stuff comes a very real need for proper storage and that’s where Sterilite comes in.

Saul Stone, Edward Stone, and Earl Tupper – yes, Earl was the inventor of Tupperware, too – joined in a partnership to found Sterilite in 1939. The company is an American company started in Fitchburg, Massachusetts and now located in Townsend, Massachusetts. The first buyers of Sterilite products were the Armed Forces – at that time, Sterilite made plastic goods as they always have, but hadn’t really delved into the market of storage tools as well as they have today.
Now, Sterilite has a wide range of products that are used by the consumer in their household. Items are not limited to storage in general but also include storage for laundry, food , the kitchen and garage. They also have a few choices for pets and wastebaskets. For general storage purposes alone, Sterilite has affordable items ranging from plastic totes, crates, baskets, drawer carts to shelving. It is no surprise that the company has such expanded product lines. They are popular with consumers and a trusted, affordable brand. Because of this Sterilite is the largest manufacturer of household plastic goods in the United States of America.
Whether you are looking to declutter your office, hipingto sort the mountain of clothes in the laundry room, or tidying up all the odds and ends of your garage, it would be worth your time to browse Sterilite’s product offerings. You can even nab great deals on Sterilite products on DealDash. With Sterilite, you might be able to actually have a place for everything without making it seem like a mess.