NOOKA Brings Revolutionary Design That You'll Want On Your Wrist

NOOKA is the American design lab made famous by its creative watches. Nooka was created by creative entrepreneur Matthew Waldman. The NOOKA story goes like this, Mr. Waldman was sitting in a hotel in London, waiting for a client, when he noticed the large clock on the wall. The clock reminded him back when he was in the first grade and learning how to tell time. He mused, “if one has to be taught to tell time, how intuitive is it really?” This thought sparked him to design a collection of totally new, intuitive timepieces. Timepieces that tell time with dots and dashes instead of numbers, hour and minute hands, though they do offer traditional styles like the one pictured above too. You’ll be pleased to learn that NOOKA does more than just create watch, they work to further human creativity and culture 
This special watch by NOOKA is the NOOKA 360 SV Silver Watch. It makes keeping track of time, and sharing time, simpler. The 360 features an analog display with a subtle geometric pattern as well as a unique watch case that rotates clockwise 360 degrees. Whether you’re driving or showing someone else the time the only thing the watch wearer has to do is move the face of the watch and not the wearer’s wrist.
This watch is water resistant to 5ATM, it’s stainless steel and is backed with a 1 year warranty.

NOOKA also offers some very intuitive timepieces that tell time with dots and dashes and not numbers on a face. The classic NOOKA Zirc series is a gorgeous metal timepiece with a highly polished mineral crystal lens face that is so reflective it can double as a small mirror. The centered face can be changed to display the minutes on the top or bottom of the watch. The band is a comfortable silicone or mesh, colors: gold, mirror and night. Take a look: nooka2

 NOOKA recently raised over $90k on IndieGoGo to create a special chronograph NOOKA watch, take a look:

The NOOKA silver watch can be bought online, in stores or on for less if you win it in an upcoming auction. If you don’t win, buy it now for $285 + free shipping and get any bids placed back into your account. NOOKA is innovative and fun, just like DealDash.