St. Patrick’s Week Free Sale At DealDash!

Every once in awhile, DealDash will have a sensational sale like the one they are having this week.  This is a great time to plan on winning that special something you’ve been dreaming of.  DealDash has so many new items lately, that if you haven’t checked in some time, look again!!

They have brought on board some of the best brands I’ve seen in housewares, sporting equipment, fashion accessories and now clothing! This week DealDash is having their “St. Patrick’s Day All Week Sale” Monday 3/14-3/17, 2016.  This is a great opportunity to stock up on bids and they will be only .13 cents all week and on St. Patricks day they will be only .12 cents!!

One nice thing about .12 cent bids is you get more in a package and that helps you earn even more free bids with the “Free Bid Meter” . For every bid you place you tally up free bids with your time as high bidder.  It’s another gift from DealDash.

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Monday through Thursday also has FREE WINS!  That means no matter what the closing price of an item is you pay only one penny as a transaction fee, it creates a paper trail for your item.  So Free is Free!  Keep in mind when wins are free the final selling price of an auction will usually be higher than the average.  You can look at the list of previous sold items to see what the highest selling price was recently.  That high price is probably another free win auction and the item could go that high again.

I have won many items for one penny with just a few bids, so you can rely on the data  as a guide, not a rule.  A lot of it has to do with who is in the auction, so it helps to know the competition, but anyone and everyone will make mistakes!  Someone else’s mistake, it someone else’s win!!!

So cash in on some FREE WINS and .12-.13 cent bids this week at DealDash.  Remember to go to the DealDash Facebook page to see who’s winning and getting free bids for posting a photo.   “Like” the FB page and “Follow” to post your wins for free bids too.

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!