DealDash for Newbies

Are you an entertainment auction site newbie? Did you hear about DealDash from a friend or see the TV commercial and are wondering what it’s all about? is a pay-per bid auction, popularly known as a “penny auction” or “entertainment auction.”

Let’s take a look at DealDash as you would for the first time  and break down how the site works and why you should try it!

Step 1.

Go to

Click on “Start Bidding.”


Step 2:

You can sign up by choosing a username and password or you can also sign up by signing up with Facebook Connect.

Just 3 of many perks of bidding on DealDash:

Free Shipping

All items on DealDash come with free shipping, and are typically shipped out within 24 hours.

Get Bids back if you don’t win

If you don’t win the auction you can always buy the item at a normal, fair retail price and get your bids back.

90-Day money back guarantee

If you try DealDash and find it’s not for you, we’ll refund your first purchase within 90 days. No questions asked

dealdash 1

Step 3: Buy bids. Bids on DealDash today are on sale for $0.15 each down from $0.60. Bids are sold in bid packages of bids from 220 bids for $33; 500 for $75; 1000 for $150; 2000 for $300; 4000 for $600. You could win an item with just one bid but you really should have a 


Click Add to Cart and purchase bids – DealDash accepts major credit cards for payment.

The biggest perk of DealDash’s auctions is the ability to use buy it now if you don’t win an item. To buy it now all you have to do is click “buy it now” while the auction is going – pay the buy it now price, the item will be shipped free and you will get ALL of the bids you placed in the auction back to your account so you can try to win another item!

4. Pick an auction and bid!

When you first sign up DealDash will show you beginner auctions that you can bid on. If you want to bid on other auctions click “View all auctions” it’s good to bid in beginner auctions first to get a feel for how bidding works.

beginner auctions on dealdash

To bid click on any item that you would like to try to win… Read the description, check out the item’s value/buy it now price and start bidding. Watch and see who is bidding. Pay attention to how many bids they are using, if they’re bidding frequently and bidding one-on-one with another bidder. Like is the case for this active auction for a Cuisinart Soft Serve Ice Cream maker – you might want to wait before you start bidding on an auction like this, but not too long. Once catpat or 2greek4u stops bidding if no one else enters the auction could end and one bidder could win.

Each time you bid – by either placing a bid by clicking the bid button or setting up a bid buddy, the timer increases and the dollar amount of the current final end price (if the item were to end now) increases by $0.01 – one penny, and the amount of money you spent on the bid. cuisinar

You can choose to bid until you win, or just try a few  bids that you budget and see if you win! When you win all you have to do is accept the win by purchasing the item at the final end price and it will be shipped to you free of charge. DealDash has partnerships with Walmart and so items could come from either place or somewhere else. Let us know if you have any questions about bidding on DealDash and good luck!