Good Days, Bad Days on DealDash

By Barbara

Everyone has good days and bad days. That’s just part of life.  It is no different when shopping on Some days I win every auction I bid in, while other days I do not win a single one.  Did this ever happen to you?

Some possible reasons this happens are:

  • Some days the auctions have more bidders than they have other days. The middle of the week might be slow days. Weekends, while most people are off work, might tend to be more competitive.
  • Perhaps what’s happening in the world might make a difference. For example, if shoppers are busy watching the Super Bowl, there might not be as many people shopping online.
  • Some DealDash features, such as the “Free to the Winner” specials, might be more popular than others. Therefore, the competition levels might go up or down depending on the feature.

Whatever the reason for good days and bad days at the auctions, do not get discouraged.

Good Days at the Auctions

When you are having a good day shopping on DealDash, I suggest you continue to shop ‘til you drop. Take advantage of your good karma days and enjoy the items you win.

Bad Days at the Auctions

When you are having a bad day shopping on DealDash, I suggest you either change your strategy or quit, save your bids and come back another day. Sometimes making a few minor changes can make a difference. To get ideas on what you might do differently, it might be a great time to go to the “Tips and Strategies” page and read more “how to” blogs, like this one.

Whatever the case, always remember DealDash support staff members are always there to help any way they can, and there are several ways you can contact them. Just click on the big yellow button at the bottom of the home page that says “Contact Support” or you can go to:  or send an email to “[email protected].

Sponsored blog post submitted by Barbara L. Sellers. 

Barbara was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.