What is Customer Service at DealDash?

If you are wondering if Customer Service is real at DealDash, I can tell you that it is real, alive and well.  The CS support team at DealDash is the best I’ve ever dealt with on the internet.

Very often, when you don’t actually have to talk to someone in the customer service department, they don’t seem to have the same respect or care about your issue.  But, at DealDash, every customer is treated like someone special.  You are what makes the site real.

There are a few ways you can contact Customer Service at DealDash, The quickest and most efficient way is by clicking on the “Contact Support” on the bottom of the main page.  When you do that it will bring you to a link where you can either email support, or the quickest way is by hitting the “online support” this will bring you to a live CS rep and they will do everything they can to help you.

If they can’t or don’t have the authority to fix your problem, they will direct the issue to the proper person.  Any of the Customer Support Representatives at DealDash are kind, helpful and very efficient.

You simply don’t find this everywhere.  I feel like if I am a customer I want to be treated like a customer and not just a number.  I used to have a lot of issues when I first started at DealDash, I blamed DD for every little mistake I made, and they handled every issue with respect and imminency.  They always answered me right away and with kindness.

Lately, I don’t have any complaints because I’ve come to learn that my mistakes are my mistakes.  The DealDash site just does not make any mistakes.  Well, once they had some connection-server issues and they gave me a pile of bid to apologize.  They are very generous, they always think how this could affect us continuing to use the Dealdash site.

They want us back and they will do what is right to fix anything that might come up.  That being said, I never find a problem with the site.

DealDash cares about their customers, they want us to have a wonderful winning experience and they are always there to help.

Don’t underestimate the value of good Customer Service, you will always find it at DealDash!

Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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