Recent Great Deals on DealDash & Tips for Winning!

greatdeals-dealdashWow! Have you seen the recently ended auctions on DealDash lately?
Take a look at these amazing deals that were had this week by bidders!
An HP – split 2-in-1 13.3 touch-screen laptop with 4GB memory sold for $2.52, that’s only 252 bids placed by all bidders paconwa1 got a super great deal on this new laptop. The retail price is $598 for this super all-in-one, you can’t beat a few bids and $2.52 end price!
dealdash hp laptopNikon 24.1 Megapixel DSLR Camera, retails for $700, sold for just $3.04 – 304 bids total!  Congratulations to bidder adockstader15. Plus – on all of these items, DealDash cut the end price in half!
Skullcandy Uprock On-Ear Headphones, Pink buy it now $30 – sold for an end price $0.12. Congratulations trbotrek! skullcandy
The Eureka AirSpeed ONE Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum ended for just $0.48 – 48 bids total by 3doggiesmom.
penny auction deals
DealDash winner MyGirlsLuvMe won this $200 Nintendo 3DS XL in Red/Black for just a final end price of $0.62 and a small fraction of the 62 bids!
nintendo dsYou can get great deals on DealDash too! Here are a few tips to bidding and winning!
1. Patience
Patience is key – each bid you place is money already spent, so be careful and try to conserve your bids by not bidding until the timer counts down – around 2-3 seconds without another bidder bidding, then place a bid.
3. Research
Know your competition. Check the ended auctions daily and keep tabs on winners who have won items, a great place to do this is by checking stat on
For instance,  a search of user MyGirlsLuvMe shows that during her lifetime of bidding at DealDash, she placed 95,440 bids at an average cost of $0.16 per bid, she paid $1,026.53 – won 79/1502 items bid on and won items totalling a retail value of $15,049.88, spent/won $16,296.45.

Most Profitable Win, Most Valuable Item Won
+$2,910.57 on 5000 Bid Pack, 5000 Bid Pack ($3,000.00)
50k bids
Most Bids Placed
2,991 bids on Nikon D5300 Digital SLR Camera with Built-In Wi-Fi and GPS (won)

95,440 @0.16 USD $1,026.53 79 / 1,502 $15,049.88 $16,296.45 / $15,049.88 -7.65% $-1,246.57

You may be able to look at the data mined and presented on the APA site and see that she may not give up easily and has been willing to spend a significant amount of time bidding on items. Though, sometimes she just places 1 bid and doesn’t win. Whereas she placed 2,991 bid on a Nikon D5300 DSRL camera and won.

Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi with Retina Display, Black($400.00)(Won for $147.09) 2014-04-09 03:48
1,074 / 14,709 @$0.16

3. Collect Bids
Bid on Bid Pack auctions, stock up on bids when DealDash run bid sales and share pictures of your wins on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter to earn more bids. This makes winning cheaper in the longrun if you can take advantage of opportunities to win free bids or buy them at a discount.
4. Get your bids in early!
All auctions on DealDash are No Jumper auctions, meaning you must place at least one bid before $5.00 in order to be eligible to continue to bid after it reaches the $5 price mark.
What’s the best deal you have won on DealDash? We want to hear about it!