Penny Auction Bidding Tips!


1. The Early Bird Gets The Worm: Wee hours of the morning just may be the best time to place bids. Odds are only the dedicated bidders are up and bidding. Bidding in the morning could be both good and bad for you, as some may be really focused like you are, or others could be about to fall asleep bidding. (Note: Don’t do this yourself!). 
2. Focus: Focus on the item you want to win and only bid on that item! If you don’t pay attention and put a plan of action as to how many bids you are going to place, you are likely to lose easy.
3. Don’t chase two rabbits: There’s an old Confucius saying that goes “If you chase two rabbits, you catch none.” Avoid wasting time, money and bids, only bid on items you want to have if you win them. SO, if you really want this one item, don’t get greedy and distracted and start bidding on 4 other items at the same time. Chances are you will lose one, if not all auctions.
4. Minimize Distractions: Again, I cannot emphasize enough on focusing on the auction you are bidding on. Make sure you take care of what you need to before you start bidding. Don’t bid at work or at school, or when you may have a call or a friend stopping by.
5. FREE Take advantage of free bid promotions and discount sales! (Click here to check out and start bidding) often posts about different bid promotions on their homepage. These bid promotions allow you to save a significant discount after purchasing your first starter bid pack.
Win free bids! DealDash allows bidders to win free bids by sharing pictures with their won items on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest! You can earn 200 free bids by sharing a photo of you with your DealDash win on Facebook: How to Get Free Bids on DealDash: Post to Facebook, and 50 free bids by pinning it to Pinterest: How to Get Free Bids on DealDash: Pin to Pinterest!, you can also get 50 free bids by sharing a photo with your win on Twitter.

.6. Have Patience. 

“Good things come to those who wait. Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” Napoleon Hill

Be patient! Don’t just throw your bids around like you have hundreds in your account (even if you do). Put on a pokerface, i.e. don’t look like you really want the item by constantly bidding over another bidder, you may just cause everyone else to hold off on bidding for awhile as you take on just 1 or 2 other bidders, this causes you to spend more than you might want to. Bid often, but wait until the timer is at 3 seconds then place a bid. But becareful! Due to Internet latency 3 seconds to you could be 1 second by the time your bid is accepted and placed.
Have you bid on DealDash? We want to know what your favorite tips are! Let us know in the comments section here.