One Item Per User Auctions Limit Powerbidders!

Worried about spending money on bids to win a laptop or other more expensive item only to lose due to someone who has won maybe 10 of these same items?  The competition to win the more popular electronics and household items on some penny auction sites can be fierce.
Scared of powerbidders?  DealDash has leveled the playing field with their one-item-per user auctions.  One-Per-User items are usually higher valued items valued at over $200 – such as dSLR cameras, laptop computers, Dale Tiffany lamps, iPads, Macbooks, tablets, higher value gift cards, smartphones, camera lenses, HDTVs and other items are limited to one win per user.
Not only do these one-per user items limit competition, they keep greedy bidders who have been found to constantly win the same high-dollar items on other penny auction sites from being able to dominate.
These one-per-user items can be found by the “1” indication to the top left of the item on the frontpage or on the top right of the item on the item’s bidding page highlighted in a yellow “One-Per-User” box.
Take a look: 
one per user dealdash tip
While DealDash has thousands of bidders, it’s good to know that one person can’t dominate and win the same product over and over again.
one-per-user item

What are Win Limits?
 “Win Limits: 
To ensure equal chances for everyone to win you can win up to 6 items valued less than $200, and 3 items valued more than $200 per week. You can follow the status of your wins by logging in and looking at the winning limit slots right next to the bid amount. The system will not allow you to bid after you have reached your limit. All remaining BidBuddies will be automatically cancelled. Please plan your bidding strategy with this in mind.”
What do you think of DealDash’s one-per-user auctions? Do you think it’s a good idea, or wish you could win more?
Bids on are currently $0.17 a piece with a 50% discount on final end prices this week.